-Help- I'm having weird issue with me new build.

Hello, I'm having weird issue with me new build.

Core i7-990x
RAM G.Skill Ripjaws Series 24gb
Video Card GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 2GB x2
Mobo ASUS P6X58D-E LGA 1366 Intel X58
HD: Raid 0 Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb

So when I'm playing games like WoW I can be running around just fine with 100FPS, as soon as I raid or PVP ( Anything with a lot going on ) I drop down to about 2 fps.

APB is the same way, as soon as I start fighting the FPS just drops, also with APB a lot of the time my computer will just freeze and force me to restart the machine, not a BSOD, just a hard freeze.

Here's the interesting part, I was thinking that it was my two 560ti's not performing correctly, so I tried just 1 560ti, same thing, tried the other one, same issue. So I put in my old GTX285, and I got the SAME ISSUE. So, in my opinion, its not the GPU's causing the issue.

So, I'm assuming its either my RAID 0 Setup Incorrectly, or my MOBO, what do you guys think?
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  1. I would guess overheat issue with the cpu. What have you overclocked it to? What are the temps you get when you test it? What type of cooler do you have?
  2. and can your mobo handle 24Gb of ram?
  3. its not a heat issue at all my Cpu is running at 27-50c Min and max and yes my mobo supports 24 gigs of ram
  4. Looking at the system, and what it supports, I don't think its a support issue, I think its something wrong with a Driver, setting or maybe hardware.

    But I can't exactly pin point what it may be.
  5. Just thought I'd check it wasn't a typo :)
    what psu you got there?
    and are you overclocking much?
    you have 2 beefy cards there so I'm wondering if its a power issue, seems like you only get problems when a heavy (ish) demand is made on the system
  6. Yea i oced MY CPU to 4Ghz but like i said its running like a chap and stable for the Cpu part thats all ive oced
    My PSU is
    SILVERSTONE ST1200 1200W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply
  7. Looks fine then,
    all drivers etc upto date?
    I'm not up on Raid installs so i cant say about that being a potential issue
    but its looking like that or the Mobo is faulty, as you suggested yourself,
  8. Yea im going 2 test my Hd in normal here with a dummy drive i have and see if it fixes anything

    And yes ive checked everything with my drivers they are all up to date even the Bios and all that good stuff
  9. Cool, well I'm off to my nightshift now but I'll look in in the morning dude,
    Gl with it
  10. Thanks i hope i can get this fixed soon thanks for your input tho
  11. Well i tried on none raid hard drive i dont see anything that changed anything or helped anything still having the same issue any one have any further advice?
  12. Bad video driver or bad video card
  13. well ive tested the cards in other computers like i said before in the posts that both cards work great in other computers and in this mobo it just does not work at all is it a bad mobo? has any one had this issue before? any way 2 fix this?

    ive also tryed working video cards from my other computer in this mobo and it does the same thing so im not sure what it can be. i guess ill try the Video drivers again i guess
  14. Alright i be-leave i found out whats doing it my ram i put one by one and see what happen and it seemed 4 out of 6 where bad =/ dont trust the full test they lie! haha
  15. Check out this article that details graphics card performance and CPU performance in WOW.

  16. Sigh i still didnt get it fixed i tried new ram same thing idk whats going on here any one alse have any other things i can try? or u guys think its a bad mobo?
  17. Hi man, sorry I've been absent, life tat...
    I still think its the mobo yes, seeing as you ruled out the ram now as well
    the only other option is fresh install of windows and WoW, I tried cheating a while back and just ghosted WoW to a new drive, kept all the same old problems as before
    bite the bullet, get the 14 or so disks and erm, reWoW your WoW :P
  18. its all good yea i reinstalled wow already wow seems 2 be fine now but i still lock up on other games like APB like after 10 - 20 min of playing just lockes up i keep thinken its over heating but its not they all seem good -.- i also reinstalled windows and it also did not work sigh so i guess it might be my mobo fried or some thing just bad on it thats just messing it up
  19. What are your temps like?
    I dont mean what the pc says, put your hand in there, is it hot?
  20. not that i can tell i mean they feal nice and cool the video cards are just warm not even hot so idk what can cause this whats going on i can do anything i want on my desktop not lock up or anything but when my computer starts 2 play games or some thing high in graphics it just locked up
  21. ill try my old video card in this computer and see if it still does it and see how that works out just mabe i got bad ram and video cards or some thing idk =/
  22. Well after all this stuff thats happen so far i just Rmaed My mobo and ram and i hope the new ones work out wish me luck all :)
  23. Fingers crossed man,
  24. lol thanks :)
  25. mckibbon17, Sorry to tell you this but you sir have been misled! I'm almost 100% certain this is a simple DRIVER RELATED ISSUE. Hope you haven't wasted your time going thru the RMA process, if so then well, what can one say. Once you have put it all back together
    STEP ( 1 )
    Start / Performance Information & Tools / Advanced Tools / View performance details in Event Log
    Once the Event Viewer page has opened, in the center of the page you will see a Operational box ( Center Top ) if the box is full scroll down & COPY the last event log here into the Toms Hardware Forums ( this thread ) so that it can be REVIEWED & we can find the solution! I would bet the issue is DRIVER RELATED to the Graphics cards If so then it's a fairly easy fix! One last question, WHAT driver are you currently running & did you follow maniacvvv's instructions provided in the following link to either UNINSTALL or REINSTALL the Graphics cards drivers?
    Here is the link: http://forums.evga.com/tm.aspx?high=&m=1776353&mpage=1#1776353
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