Can't flash 6950?

it keeps on telling me that BIOS cannot be erased. i tried switching bioses.. same thing. i have the reference gigabyte 2gb model. why cant i flash it? :(
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  1. I'm not certain, but later issues of the 6950 may not be flashable, so you might have 'missed the boat' if yours is a new one.
    Either way, try using the batch files found here:

    If you're using Win 7 you'll have to run the file as an administrator.
    And do n't skip the backup!
  2. No. You actually have to go into the command prompt but that article explains what to do when you get that error message.

    I've had 3 different 6950's (HIS, XFX, and Powercolor) and every single one of them I had to do the extra command prompt step. The article provided explains what to do.

    Taken from that article coozie7 provided:

    If you get an error like ID mismatch or Could not erase ROM, then you'll have to do some extra work in a Windows command prompt (or DOS): Run atiwinflash -unlockrom 0 followed by atiwinflash -f -p 0 bios.bin where bios.bin is the path and filename of the HD 6970 BIOS you downloaded.
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