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the new out ,and for this game i5 3570k or i7 3770k?
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  1. IF only for Gaming then of those two the i5-3570K. Gaming is mostly about the GPU(s) and sufficient RAM (8GB or more DDR3-1600 CAS 8 or 9), and as long as the CPU doesn't bottleneck the GPU(s) you won't see a difference. For the cost difference it's a no brainer to purchase a $100 better GPU.
  2. for i5 3570k 16gb ram gtx 680 will be good whit 850tx watt psu ?
  3. You only need 8 GB RAM
    GTX 680 is good
    850tx PSU is too much, go for 650tx
  4. PSU Calculator ->

    750W is plenty and 850W is fine and will power SLI GTX 680 -- though I would recommend 900W with 100%/100% + 30% Aging. My assumptions are always: 2xHDD, 1xSSD, H100 HSF or its equivalent, 6x120mm fans, high CPU & GPU OC, 100% utilization and 30% capacitor aging.

    You can't oversize a PSU and it sucks when you under-size a PSU (replace).
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