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What PS for simple new build?

I have the parts for a new build. They are:
ASRock Z68 PRO3 LGA 1155
Intel i5 2500K
16 Gigs GSkill F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL
Cooler Master Hyper 2121+ CPU cooler
Crucial 64 Gig SSD
DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS DVD burner

And my old PNY Quadro NVS 440 graphics card which runs my 4 monitors from one slot
Creative sound card

Can I use my old Cooler Master Real Power RS-450-ACLY 450W ATX12V Active PFC Power Supply with these parts and build.
I'm not a gamer and use my computer for mostly financial trading with lots of 2D charts and surfing the net, etc.

My power supply has been working for about 5 years now with no hiccups.

The case is a Cooler Master Centurion, also from the first build. I've been thinking about a new case with the PS at the bottom and mountings for the SSD built in.

What simple but reliable PS do you recommend? I'm thinking of moving up to a 500+ watts PS with 80 Plus certification. Necessary? Make any difference?

How about modular also since I'm using so little parts, etc.

Advice, recommendations, opinions, thoughts? Thanks guys.
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  1. Thanks for the reply Obsidian. What do you base your opinion of the Rosewill on? It got one DOA feedback opinion.

    What do you think of this Antec modular PS?

    I'm not real knowledgeable about power supplies.

    Any other PSU's out there that you like or have experience with?

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    one doa yeah happens to the best of them

    there are very few companies who make actual psu's most will pick one from a manufacturer and stick their own name on it

    like the rosewill is a sirfa sourced unit who also makes units for ocz,lepa,thortech and a few others

    like this ocz reviewed here on one of the premier psu review sites

    is internally exactly the same as the rosewill 550

    but the best 500ish power supply now on the market is the kingwin platinium

    that antec is an alright mid low range psu but nothing special

    other good options are
  3. Thanks again Obsidian for all the help and info. I appreciate it and will take it under advisement.
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