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I got my first pc in 1997, so I remember the days of the 'old' video cards. The first CPU was the intel 4004, a 4 BIT processor a big deal for its day.

Anyways, I've never been a gamer really, so I've never paid much attention to GPU's, but recently had noticed that they all look like blocks now with their own fans, heatsinks and casings, etc. Back when video cards first came out (circa 1995) they had 4 mb of RAM, no fans at all and maybe a small heatsink if that. Here's an interesting article on the history of GPU's
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  1. Video cards came out before 1995. I had an EGA card in the late 80's. Nice article and I do subscribe to Maximum PC. Thanks keto,
  2. i think he means the first usefull 3d Accellerator video cards like the riva 128 and 3dfx voodoo 4mb cards. S3 virge doesnt count as far as im concearned, was useless.
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