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Best way to set up DVD-Rom And CD-RW Drives

Last response: in Systems
June 16, 2011 9:03:04 PM

Although I though that I was getting pretty good at setting up PCs and repairing them I'm reminded from time to time that I have not come close to mastering this art. I'm working on a E-machine with a imperial GL VE mobo,W/Intel 800 series Chipset.Ive had no problem so far assembling it and installing the OS.After reading about this board it is upgradeable to I've heard a 4.0 GHz processor.So it seems to me like a nice project for me. My Problem is setting up The DVD and CD-RW drives.I know they work but they are not performing correctly.I've tried different ways of setting them up in Bios and i just don't think that it is the correct way.
Although I've started with a 40 Gig HD w/XP pro service pack 3. I plan to start the upgrading when I'm sure the system is sound.After reading around I've found that I can use A 40 pin 80 wire EIDE cable(new) with the optical drives set to cable select on the secondary channel with the CD-RW on the end (black) plug making it the Master. And the DVD-Rom on the middle one(gray) making in the slave.That should give me the best performance.But then it seems I need to do a little tweaking in the registry.or some changes from the command Prompt ! I'm looking for more input on this as i've found different idea's out there and would just like to get this right so as not to hurt something I.E. the drives or the board.Thank you for your time in sharing your opinions, I'm new to this site but have found the pros to be very knowledgeable and helpful, and it seems as thought there's a lot of this type of issue out there.So this may be of help to many. I've added some links for folks that although seem basic A++, There are alot of things that I learned that will ensure the hardware install will be free of errors. I'm looking for anything that I need to do Beyond this,other That installing the basic burner program With the Dvd codexes.Again thanks for any help you might have. Peace! :) 

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June 17, 2011 12:49:49 AM

i mean did you not install the Rom drive with the OS?....most DVD Roms now are PnP and require no fettlin at even if you plumbed it in afterwards it would be no problem?

the only time you need to touch the BIOS settings for a rom would be to designate it a primary boot device on instal.

try setting you Bios back to failsafe default then go into the OS and uninstall the DVD rom from the device manager...then force a detection of onboard devices and generic drivers will be re-patched...

put the jumpers back as you found them originally and do the above..its a scary thought having to adjust registry settings for a DVD rom???