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I'm going to be upgrading from G41 platform to X58. I'm looking for a graphics card that has low idle power consumption (don't care how much power it consumes while gaming). I'm looking in the $50 range at cards such as ATI 4350, 4650, and 4850 as well as nVidia GTX 210. Is there much of a difference in idle power consumption among these cards (assume all passively cooled). I assume power scales with number of processing cores. I'm set on the X58 platform....already have the CPU.
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  1. If your primary concern is extremely low idle power consumption, then consider the GT 430:


    You definitely do not want the HD 4850 since that uses around 50w of power when idling (from what I remember).
  2. Why not look into the low end ATI 5000 series? If anything they probably use less power than a comparable 4000 series card.
  3. Passively cooled ATI Radeon HD 5450 GDDR3 fits within the criteria.
  4. Not the actual topic, but why would one get an X58 board and a low-end GPU???
  5. Zenthar said:
    Not the actual topic, but why would one get an X58 board and a low-end GPU???

    I was given the CPU...I mostly plan to use the computer for running machine learning algorithms and a distributed computing project (Rosetta@Home). Fast GPU not needed...yet.

    @jaguarskx, thanks for the links. It does look like the 5000 series consumes less power at idle than the 4000 series. Actually, it looks comparable to integrated graphics at idle.
  6. And yes, the 4850 would use around 50 watts of power:

  7. ^^^

    Actually, the HD 4850 is not represented in the link you provided. No need to worry 'cause the found a power consumption chart with the HD 4850; it's actually been measured to be 41w not the roughly 50w I initially mentioned:

  8. I think the previous link had a 4830 on it so I assumed that the 4850 would consume more.
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