Good Case; 120$ w/ PSU

Hi, I've been looking for a good case, and my budget for both case and PSU is 120$

My current two are-

Earthwatts 650w continuous PSU

Rosewill Challenger Black Gaming (Tomshardware 2010 recommended)

I'm powering a Phenom II X4 955 and a Powercolor 6850, so the psu has to be at least 550w and the case at least an ATX mid tower. Great airflow would also be desirable. My main gripe with the setup above is that the Rosewill is lacking in aesthetics, but anything that looks better has crap reviews or is beyond my budget. Two other cases I was looking at are

HAF 912

Raidmax Blackstorm

The HAF needs more fans which is outside of my budget when I add the power supply too, and the Blackstorm only has two reviews.

My preferred site is newegg, and to bundle another question in here, is it wise to buy a case preinstalled with a psu?

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  1. Neither of those two PSUs would be considered quality PSUs. My recommendation of PSUs is Seasonic and PC Power and Cooling.
  2. Is there a quality PSU at 60 bucks with 550w?
  3. What you want is not possible
  4. leandrodafontoura said:
    What you want is not possible

    Yes it is, $65, $45 after rebate, 650W, 80plus Bronze, good brand.
  5. The EarthWatts 650 is a mediocre PSU made by Delta for Antec. Antec doesn't make their PSUs. They buy from several manufacturers - the low bidder.
  6. If you can settle for 500w
    $55 AR but you also get 10% off using PCPowerSep1 so it will be closer to $50AR

    or you can get the 650W which is 80 Plus silver
    $70 AR but you get the same 10% off as well with PCPowerSep1 so it will be closer to $65ish AR
  7. beenthere said:
    The EarthWatts 650 is a mediocre PSU made by Delta for Antec. Antec doesn't make their PSUs. They buy from several manufacturers - the low bidder.

    Antec PSU's are not Seasonic quality, but it also not CoolMax or Raidmax or Sigma or some of the other lower end brands, its a solid brand, for the money, they are pretty good.
  8. that Antec unit is NOT mediocre nor do Antec ask for the lowest bidder. Antec GOES to the OEM and tells them what THEY want and what PRICE they want.Also the antec is of good quality and stability for the price it asks. Most major companies have their power supplies made by a few oem, be it delta, seasonic, or cwt. Where do you think Corsair gets their AX units? lowest bidder? Nope. They go to seasonic and tells them what they want and they make it for corsair.

    Right now tbh the Seasonic S12II units are on sale and is $30 off from their original price.

    Seasonic S12II 620 $70

    Just sayin
  9. XFX Core Edition PRO550W $69.99
    $54.99 after mail-in rebate

    SeaSonic S12II 520 Bronze 520W $59.99
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  11. ^ Oh wow, seems pretty sweet. My main concern though is that newegg doesn't guarantee compatibility between components.

    Outside of the combos, I think the Seasonic 650w is the best in consideration to price and the facts mentioned, but the concern remains. Apparently two fans are Molex, and the other is a three-pin. I have no clue what the difference is between the two. Are Peripheral cables 3 or 4 pins?

    Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it.
  12. atx case atx psu im pretty sure that means the were both made to be compatible with each othere

    edit:just saw a 10% off promo code on the 550 rosewill

    i'll even trow in a review of the 550
    dont mind the name underneath the guts are the same
  13. Yeah, I think I'm going to go with the link I quoted in my last post; it's 650 watts and has one good review compared to the one bad on the 550. If anything is incompatible I could always yell at rosewill cust. support.

    Thanks everyone for the help!
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