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I am in need of specifications for a video editing computer. It would need to be capable of quickly rendering video in both Premiere and After Effects. An efficient with HD video. Any suggestions? Would like to stay under $3000 if possible.
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  1. Generally, you just need a strong processor and lots of RAM. Perhaps a CUDA capable card since the budget is decent, and a good reliable SSD.

    If time is money, it's possible that an i7-990X would be the better buy, but it's a pricey CPU. So before you plan the rest of the build you have to think about the CPU.

    i7 990X $1000

    i7 970 $580

    i7 2600K $315

    The 2600K is on a different platform and will require a very different list of parts... here is a comparison... just scroll down to the bottom

    Basically, if shaving up to about 15% off the time seems crucial, go with one of the high end 6-core CPUs.

    Otherwise, go with the i7 2600K, and we'll make up for some of the performance with a good SSD.
  2. I agree with Proximon. you just need to decide if 15% is work the extra $685?

    I would say no and put money into the rest of the system. a good OS/software SSD 80-120GB and a set of 2 or 3 of good 250-500GB enterprise raid 0 drives for a scratch drive, then a large drive for storage. 16 GBs of ram would be plenty, 8 is probably enough, but ram is fairly cheap right now. and last, but not least a good GPU. Quadro 4000 or 5000.

    check out this link to some of the workstations the community has put to gether. Mine is the "Video Whisperer" it's built on a $4000 budget, and the 990x/x58 platform. I could easily be modded to the i7-2600k/Z68 or P67 platform and brought into a $3000 budget. there is also a $400 MIR on the PNY Quadro 5000 GPU right now.


    does your budget include a monitor and OS or would that need to be included?

    Let us know and we will be happy to help you out.
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