i was just wondering.. im currently on a onboard 8100 and looking to buy a ATI HD 5770.. which would be a huge upgrade for me.. but im only a AMD Athlon 64 X2 (5200+) 2.7ghz.. how much with it bottleneck my card? or should I even be worried about it.. im looking into buying a new processor soon, if not at the same time. im just curious how it would be if I kept my current cpu
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  1. I'm not sure but I think that there would be a bottleneck there. You should try overclocking your processor and see if it helps. A cpu upgrade would certainly help your framerates in games.
  2. You would see a heavy bottleneck if you used the x2 althon with the 5770.

    Technically that CPU should work on that mobo as the mobo does support a max TDP of 95watts and the processor is 95watts.

    Do you already own that mobo or are you going to buy it?

    What Power supply do you have?
  3. nope, board is Socket AM2+/AM2 while the CPU is Socket AM3.

    *edit - hmm, i was thinking backwards. AM2+/AM2 boards can support AM3 CPUs but not the other way around so that should work.
  4. i thought AM3 works in AM2+ mobos.. and im buying a new PSU, 650w antec.. and that is my current mobo.
  5. would the bottleneck be so bad that it wouldnt play corrently? you gotta remember, im on a onboard 8100 at the moment.. so having this card is a huge upgrade even if it doesnt run at full
  6. according to THIS article the Athlon II X3 450 is your best choice at around $80.
  7. It wouldn't make it unbareable you'd just only be using 50-60% of the card,hence the name bottleneck.It's kind of like a waste of money,imo.
    Your better off getting a cheaper card that you will use it's full potentional rather than a more expensive card that you will only use 60% of.
    But if you do intend to get that procsesor than you shouldn't have any bottleneks with the 5770.

    And yes that AM3 processor should work in that mobo as long as you update the BIOS.
  8. Actually the Phenom ii x4 820 is better than the Athlon ii x4 640.Although the Athlon has a faster core speed of 200mhz the Phenom has 4MB of L3 catch.And the phenom has a higher voltage tolerance while still operating in the same max temp range as the athlon.
    Basicly your paying $20 extra for 200mhz and a heatsink.Not worth it imo.
  9. The 820 has the L3 but the 840 does not.You must have misunderstood, the OP's link is the 820.
  10. He was the one who suggested the 820.Personally i would get a suped up Phenom ii x3 or x2.But the $30 you spend on a Heatsink(Hyper 212+)just about makes up the difference between that and the Athlon 640.And you have the ability to O.C. with the aftermarket heatsink.
  11. Quote:
    That's a junk cpu

    Get this one rather

    What resolution do you play at OP

    thats a bit of a bold statement coming from sum1 who doesn't have anything more powerful than a pentium4... :whistle:
    just because you say you have a trifire 580 setup doesn't make it true.
    not only are you lying to try and impress, your junking on people who although may not have the most powerful setup, are at least legit in there posting...

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    @pw. yes your dual core will bottleneck that gpu and quite badly. i had a 4600x2 88gt setup and it bottlenecked the 88gt. it wasnt till i want to a 6000x2 that i really knew by how much.
    yo really do need a minimum of a 2.4 quad core to get the best out of the 5770. but as your system stands atm. if you cant afford a cpu motherboard upgrade then the best gfx card you should go for is a 4850 and even then there will be a 2-5 percent bottleneck...
  12. okay well, is it true you can open the 4th core on a X3?
    would it be worth getting this? [...] 6819103886

    would my gpu still bottleneck? that cpu comes with a heatsink and fan, so that would be less to spend on that.. and its only $80..

    to answer the question about my resolution, i wouldnt be running it at a high resolution, not yet atleast.. im only running at 1024*768. needing a new monitor soon, but figured i should get a new card and what not..

    and to answer your question about me getting the 4850 instead, i dont wanna spend money on a card unless im getting something thats gonna last me a while, and I dont feel the 4850 would do so.. i like my options with the 5770.. just wanna see if upgrading to that triple core would work for it..

    EDIT: now that i look at the CPU support for my mobo..
    ( )

    it doesnt show the AMD Athlon II X3 (450) on there.. i see other Athlon II X3 but not the 450.. does that mean it wont work?
    and also, would it be worth getting that X3 or, the first X4 i posted.
    and if I get a processor that doesnt come with a heatsink/fan can I use the heatsink/fan im using now for it?
  13. orrr, how about this one? this one is listed in the cpu support for my mobo

    would that processor run my 5770?
  14. actually ive decided to wait to get a processor.ill wait till i can afford a motherboard too.. but im pretty sure this 5770 will run way better then the onboard 8100 i have at the moment, even if it does bottleneck with the dual core.. shouldnt it still run alot better.. and actually having a GPU in my computer, wouldnt that take some stress off the CPU?
  15. Are you sure you have enough power to supply to this new card?
  16. Yes that will work.Nice choice.
  17. what about ?

    its cheaper, but same wattage.. that has 2 12v rails i think
  18. Yes thats even better.It's 7% more effienciet so that will go a long way on your bill and it has stronger 12/v rails.
  19. do you think ill have trouble fitting that card in my case? im using a MID ATX Case..
    im currently using 0 PCI slots, so i dont have to worry about any other cards getting in the way..
  20. I can't tell if it will or not,their are no measurements of the case on that page.Quick way to tell if it will,turn ur computer off,take the case off and measure from the back twards the front and see how long it is until you hit the front drive bays.The biggest 5770 is 8" long.

    The 5770 is a double sloted card but it isn't as long in length as the others.I don't think you should have any problem fitting it.But measure to to be safe.
  21. So what exactly are you going to buy?GPU and CPU?Or just GPU?
  22. im getting a PSU and GPU now.. then gonna buy a CPU and mobo in the next month or two
  23. Ok.
    Be sure to post back if you need any further help.

    Happy Gaming!!!
  24. between the two PSUs that were posted the Antec is Bronze certified so it will be more efficient. Corsair is an excellent brand though.
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