Need help building new computer! Please?

Hey guys. I need some help here, building a new computer. I have to keep the price between 500-600 dollars, any suggestions to this? I need some help. Thank you guys in advance, I need help. Please?

Motherboard- $75- ASUS M4A785-M AMD

RAM- $80- Corsair XMS3 8GB

Hard Drive- Salvaged from old computer.

Case- $40- Logysis Computer Area 51

Video Card-$250- Radeon HD 6970 2GB

Processor-$105- Athlon X4 645 Propus

Optical drives from old computer.
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  1. ^ If gaming is the main priority, then get the Intel i3 2100, it performs better in gaming even when compared with the X4 955/965,...
    What PSU have you chosen ??
  2. Where exactly do you plan on getting a HD6970 for $250, or am I missing something?

    In any case, your CPU will barely keep up with your GPU, and you haven't mentioned the $80+ PSU you need to keep that running.

    Much more realistic build

    It costs $800, but you can shed the price by dropping the stuff you already have.

    Or you can start here.

    That's around $400 without the parts you have. You can upgrade the GPU to a HD6870 for +$75 or HD6950 for +$125.
  3. Thank you. Here another build I made:
    Motherboard - Asus M5A87 $99.99

    Processor/GFX Card Combo
    (6-core AMD and 2GB GFX Card) $450 (with $15 discount)

    8GB GS Value Series Memory $75

    Optical Drive- Salvaged $0

    OS- Ubuntu (Buy Windows later?) $0

    Power Supply- Raidmax Hybrid RX-730SS $59.99

    Case- NZXT M59 $49.99

    Hard Drive- Seagate 1.5 TB 64MB Cache! $~50

    Total Price $775
    Is this better? Are there any incompatibilities/something wrong/cheaper or better? Also, is there a way to fit all this in a Micro ATX case if I use a Micro ATX AM3+ Mobo? I saw some on Newegg, and although they were rated 4 stars, they had horrible cons (Case bulges, horrible ventilation, etc.).
  4. tusing said:
    Thank you. Here another build I made:

    Processor/GFX Card Combo
    (6-core AMD and 2GB GFX Card) $450 (with $15 discount)

    care to elaborate?
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