Linksys Instant Wireless WPC 11 v.3 ( incompatible)

Hello, I have recently upgraded my laptop from XP to 7, only to find that my Linksys Instant wireless card is incompatible with this version of windows.

I have tried to trouble shoot the problem using the instructions windows gave me, which included running the setup under windows xp compatibility, but the setup doesn't even run. An ethernet suffices for now but soon i'll be traveling and I'll need the wireless.

If a solution can be found, I'd greatly appreciate it.


"The Linksys Group Inc Instant Wireless Network PC Card"
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  1. I am broke, honestly, i'm torn.

    Any temporal solutions?>
  2. you could put XP back on it until you can afford a wireless card that supports vista/7
  3. EDIT: you saw nothing....

    (posted in the wrong thread)
  4. ^^ whats that for?
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