need Upgrading advice and help!

Hi guys,
i built a pc back in december and i took advice from here for the build the specs are as follows

Amd Athlon II x3 445 (unlocked to x4)
Asrock M3A770DE Motherboard
4gb of kingston hyper x blu 1600 ddr3 ram
Gigabyte gtx460 Super overclock Graphics card
600watt with quad 18amp 12v rails
Haf922 cooler master
Cooler master hyper 212+ Cpu cooler(pushpull)
Sata2 Samsung f3 1tb hard drive
Sata 70gb hard drive
Windows 7 64bit home premium
Windows XP pro 32bit (dual boot)
Haf 922 atx pc case

So now im looking to upgrade my cpu and to do that i need a new mobo. Im planning on upgradeing to the new sandybridge platform. Im gona go with a intel core i5 2500k ive decided on that but i dont know which motherboard to buy. Socket 1155 mobos are kinda expensive and i dont want to spend over £100.

Im considering these 3.

Asrock P67 PRO
Asus P8P67-M PRO
Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3-B3

Now im kinda leaning towards the asus because it has sli and im thinking i might need that some where in the future but the problem is its a matx mother board.
How would that affect cooling puting that in my atx Haf 922 ? also does the asus have enough room for a dual slot graphic card in sli ? If the gigabyte had sli instead of cross fire
i would have bought that instantly.
Im looking forward to your inputt and thanks for your replys in advance :)
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  1. forgot to say this pc is for gameing and i do want a overclock -bump-
  2. Forget asrock. Go with Asus or Gig mobo, my experience with their product and service are excellent. As for using MATX, limitations are the lack of additional slots that the gig mobo has from what i see.
    Go with the Gig mobo and you should be fine with your setup.
  3. thx for the reply :)
    hmm i dont rly mind not having spare pci slots as i dont use anything pci. i just wish that gig was compatable with sli then it would be perfect :love:
    Does the matx have any other disadvantages like heating? i was wondering how it would fair in my haf 922 case. im wondering with the fan oriantation on the side pannel if would make those fans useless.

    (im using a 120mm cm fan that i got with my cm hyper 212+ at the top side fan slot and a 140mm fan at the bottom side fan slot)
  4. Your case is more than adequate. You're not doing extreme overclocking so you will be fine.
  5. Of your offerings I'd go with the Gigabyte, because of the spacing for the PCIe. The MATX formfactor is more attuned to mid or mini cases and has the disadvantage of cramming components together, thereby making cooling dicier.
  6. chesteracorgi said:
    Of your offerings I'd go with the Gigabyte, because of the spacing for the PCIe. The MATX formfactor is more attuned to mid or mini cases and has the disadvantage of cramming components together, thereby making cooling dicier.

    The spacing on the gigabytes pcie slots doesnt rly matter as it only supports crossfire and i have a nvidia card. i would have to replace my current nvidia card with 2 amd cards if i ever wanted to do cross fire. i would never spend so much money to buy 2 decent amd graphic cards in one go. any one got any recomendations for other mother boards? Thanks btw guys for ur replys and advice its greatly appreciated :) .

    Btw forgot to mention i was wondering if the z68 chipset has any other advantages other then a internal graphic card?
  7. well, if you're leaning to the asus, I can personally vouch for it and have no issues with crowding (except the CM Hyper 212+ crowding the first ram slot, but who doesn't?) or cooling (my cpu rarely breaks 50C and my dual 6950s, rarely breach 80C). another point for the asus m-pro: it supports x8/x8 when scaling. the gb board is only 16x/4x. it sounds like you're going to sli, so I'd go with the asus m-pro.
  8. Hiya :) thx for the reply really nice to have some inputt from some one who owns the product in question :D .So ur not able to use your first ram slot? do u have tall ram heat spreaders?
  9. You can orient the cm hyper 212+ fan (or any similar size fan) towards the i/o ports if you want ram in all 4 slots, I have mine oriented towards the gfx cards. That way it leaves only 5mm clearance above the 1st ram slot. I don't need all 4 as I have plenty of ram already (8gb).
  10. oh i was thinking of pointing it towards the i/o port any way. With push and pull its not good to have one fan facing the graphic card so no cold or cool air can be sucked from there. hmm im pretty sure im gona go with the asus now any one else wanna give me their opinion :)? thx for the replys guys :)
  11. Ive changed my mind after reading .
    Dont know what to get now :s thinking about that msi p67g53 dont like its overclocked performance though. Or maybe a asus p8p67 if i can find a cheap one. :S
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