Will this video card fit in a Acer Aspire X1300 case?

My brother owns a ACER Aspire X1300 computer from Futureshop, which is a micro-ATX cased tower. My question to you experts is...is a SAPPHIRE HD 4670 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E Graphic Card a "low-profile" video card that will fit in the PCI-E slot? There isn't much room as the slot is basically right up againsty the bottom of the case. Maybe, by the look of it, an inch-inch and a half, at most. He wants to upgrade from the NVidia Geforce 9200 onboard graphics to an actual video card that will fit in the case. Also, it only has a 220 watt power supply in it so the card will have to be low wattage. It also has an AMD athlon X2 4800+ processor(with stock heatsink), a DVD burner, 3 GB's of DDR2 667mhz ram and a partishioned 320GB hard drive. If this card doesn't fit, would a Sapphire Radeon HD5450 be a better fit (I realize it's not as powerful as the HD4670). I thank you for all responses.
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  1. I solved my own dilemma...I purchased a Sapphire Radeon HD 5450 and installed it. Works perfect with the crappy 220 watt power supply these store-bought systems come with. Worked out all the wattage in the system and it's perfect as a video card upgrade. A point I'd like to make here is except for laptops/netbooks etc...never buy a retail computer. Get someone you trust to build you a computer to your specifications.
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