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I'm currently struggling with my NAS QNAP 859, the damn thing is so noisy I'm looking into replacing the PSU.

It's using a strange 1U PSU, the model is the following:

But I suspect it was modified for QNAP since the cable are not exactly standard, first it has 2 power cable, one 24pin and one 20pin, my best guess is that one is powering the drives and the other is for the mobo and case+fan, anyway I ordered a Y splitter so this issue should be solved.

However there's 2 additional cable and I'm not sure what they are, again my best guess is one, the bigger one, is for powering on and reseting the QNAP and the other which goes to the mobo is probably just to control the fan of the PSU.

Anyway my question is does anyone know what those cable are called, by default I won't have them in a standard PSU so I need to look for internal adapter but since I know nothing about computer I need your help finding out what I need!

Thanks a LOT

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  1. That link leads to some pinyin symbols hehe, I like Firefly but not to the point I can read chinese :P
    your 20+4 or the 20 pin should be used for powering the mobo, not both, old style 20pin boards just use the 20, more modern psu's have a 20+4 block to allow you to use either board type,
    and those blocks pictured look like old floppy drive plugs to me,
    again, mostly disused these days
    post your mobo model, and current psu size for us,
  2. Ah sorry, here's the correct link:

    Regarding your comment on the internal power cable, I see what you mean but it's not standard PSU, it was most likely designed to fit the needs of QNAP, so on a regular PSU you would have one 20+4pin that goes on the mobo and then all things are connected and powered by the motherboard but it's not the case here.

    There are 2 power cable, one which is 24pin that is not going to the motherboard but only supplies power for the harddrives and one that is 20pin that goes to the motherboard but this part I figured out and found on ebay a Y cable that does 1 20pin to 2 20pin so this should be alright.

    However I'm still not sure what the ports are in the picture I posted above.

    I don't have the motherboard details since it's built inside the NAS and can't access it.

    Thanks again!
  3. Aah, its a teeeny psu (makes aaaw noises)
    I reckon the two plugs in question are floppydrive power, unfortunately theres nothing to be gleaned from the manf website there, although it did mention detailed layouts etc can be supplied on request, maybe mail them and ask for schematic?
    Sorry I cant be more helpful man,
  4. Yeah that's what I wanted to do but I believe this information is not available to consumer.

    My original idea was to replace the internal PSU fans with silent ones but after looking they are not detachable and cables are covered in some sort of soft white plastic (cheaper than soldering I guess).

    But then I had another idea and would love some more professional opinion on this. I have some case fans inside my NAS running from standrad mobo 4 pin fans sockts, I could remove the psu fans and by remove I mean cut them, then install new fans, run the wires out of the PSU and use the a Y splitter to power them from my mobo fan socket, this would mean I still get to cool down my PSU just using external fans.

    Will this work, cutting the wires sounds like a bad idea but it's a simple 12v fans and if isolate them properly it should be ok but I guess I wouldn't mind more feedback on that.

    Of course my last idea is the replace the whole psu with an external standard PC one but maybe the solution above might work?
  5. The safest solution would be the external idea you had, the rewiring is technically possible, but I shy away from messing inside powersupplies myself,
    too much scope for death lol
    the white plastic stuff sounds like glue
    if it was me, I'd go new psu route, but if you do try the replacing/rewiring option, be careful man, very careful not to go touching capacitors or anything
  6. my prefered option is the external PSU but if I can't find what those 2 cables are then it's a no go.

    Maybe I made my explanation regarding the extrernal fan sound technical, it's not!

    Actually It couldn't be more ghetto, I will open the PSU cut the wires of the 2 fans, wrap them in tape and leave them inside the PSU, then I will remove the fans and replace them with silent one that I will power from the mobo.

    I guess working it will but I'm wondering if cutting the wires inside a power unit is such a good idea, I really have no idea what I'm doing but it's low voltage so I don't expect huge risks but if someone more qualified could confirm would be great!
  7. volts,schmaltz, its amperes that kill you :)
    I know the idea of what you proposed and the mechanics of accomplishing it, it really is sound assuming you tape up bare ends etc, I just really wouldn't work inside a psu myself,
    I'm no stranger to wireplay though, I built an led lightbar and hooked four 80mm fans off one lead on my current pc as well as rewiring my entire motorbike so if I'm not willing to risk it knowing (more or less) what I'm doing,
    I advise against it, but if you do do it, only touch the wires you need to on the fans, nothing else, not even tapping stuff with the pliers,
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