Easy Question Here Guys.

Just a quick question thats been on my mind...

Does the MSI Z77A-GD65 support SRT? that feature that lets your use a SSD as a cache?

Is it chipset specific or depends on the board?

If the MSI Z77A-GD65 does have SRT my next question would be..

Ive found the Mobo + i5 2500k at 340 Euros for i plan on using that as my base components..

Recommended SSD and RAM?

Thanks for Reading.

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  1. My ocz agility 3 60 gb works fine; some of the other models have not. Patriot is also ok, and honors their warranty (I sent in two defective units, but that model has been discontinued; they sent me a newer model that works fine). I use gskill and patriot ram; both work fine. Get a 1.5v version either 1333 or 1600. Can't answer your question about ssd cache; I usually clone mine as my files are small. After installing windows, you can connect your old drive and windows will configure it as a secondary drive. Use only one drive when doing a fresh install of windows, then add the other drives while windows is running. You can't have more than one primary drive connected at a time.
  2. Yes. SRT is supported. If you look at the driver section of the boards website, you see the driver for it.
  3. Thanks for the answers o1die and abekl.

    So it would be worth my while just using the SSD as a OS drive rather then a cache?
  4. Yes. After cloning, I have a backup drive in case the ssd fails. If it fails, simply disconnect it and your old backup drive will still work as a boot device.
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