I am just starting my first build and have realized that the combo deal I purchased at newegg has mated a Seagate SATA III HDD with a MSI H61M-P23 LGA 1155 board that only has SATA II connectivity. Will I be able to use this HDD and if I can what will I have to do to use it. Kind of miffed about this but my inexperience and trust that they would put togather a combo deal with compatible parts may have me needing to shelf this HDD. Please if you reply don't beat me up too much for my obvious stupidity. Thank you, Olde Sarge
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  1. It will work perfectly fine, no worries.
  2. jitpublisher said:
    It will work perfectly fine, no worries.

    So I won't need any adapters or such? Just plug and play as if it were a SATA III board? Thank you for your experienced reply. Olde Sarge
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    No adapters, no nothing. Cables are the same, the drive is backwards compatible, and you could not tell the difference even if it was hooked to an SATA III controller.
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