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Hey guys, Im looking for some help with this new build Ive been looking at. As of right now I have a working computer and was thinking of going to just upgrade it. Now looking at what Im planing to buy to upgrade my computer. Im everything short of buying a new Mobo and CPU. And since I have the cash at this time I was thinking why not just do a whole new rig!

My budget is between 1700-2200 or so.
Heres what I plan to buy so far.

Case: Haf X
GPU: 2x 570 superclocked
PSU: Corsair AX1200
SSD: Intel 320 serises 120g
Ram: 12gb (3x 4) Gskill Ripsaw ram 1600
Cooler: Noctua NH-C14 140mm x 2 SSO CPU Cooler
Mobo: ???????
CPU: ?????

In my old Rig I have an Evga Classified X58 overclockers pick 3 way SLI board (the older version of the CLassified 3) And a i7 930 2.8 (which I will use for if there is not a reason to replace them)

I do plan on doing some basic overclocking to get more out of my ram and CPU.
this computer is mainly used for gaming and the other basics.

Thanks in advanced.
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    ^ The i7 930 is still a top of the line CPU, so there is no point getting a new one,... And same goes with the motherboard,...

    Where are you buying the parts from ?? Some suggestions -
    CPU Cooler - Just make sure that the C14 will fit that board without getting blocked by the heatsink on the board,... Or you can go with coolers such as Corsair H60 which will not pose such problems,...
    RAM - If getting from newegg, then there are other cheaper RAMs, which as good,...
  2. All of my parts are comming from newegg.
    I didnt even think of the C14 getting blocked. i Just saw it on newegg shell shocker and went ohh pice of candy and almost clicked the buy button. I will deff look at the other ram sets. Thanks
  3. how does the H50 work? (complete noob question I know )
    I dont want to go watercooled yet atleast. I have no idea how this thing works and is there anything else I might need to do with the h50 to keep the cool temps for a overclock
  4. Just found this article which uses the eVGA X58 Classified 4-way SLI and the cooler seems to be the Noctua C14... but am not sure if the distance between the heatsinks is same as in the 3-Way though,...
  5. The H60 is the newer version and has good pretty good reviews around the net,...
    As it is a closed-loop cooler, you wont have to mess with the liquid,...
    But you should know that it might not perform as good as Big air coolers which are available in the same price range though,...
  6. ^ Ah on closer look, the cooler in that article seems to be the Noctua NH-C12P SE14 and not the C14, my bad...
  7. yeah Im trying to do some looking right now on the mesurements of the gaps between the Sinks and processor to see if I can get the C14 in there. If not what I might do is get the h50 or 60 right now I might just go with the coolermaster V8 I have sitting in my desk. (My main problem is Im currently deployed to the Middle East and cant sit back and measure the stuff out)
  8. Also the ram I went I was gonna get has now droped in price for 72 hours I guess its time to buy here soon
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