Asus p8z68 v pro problem

I have just bought a new pc
with config
Asus p8z68 v pro
i5 2500k
4gb * 2 ddr3 corsair
msi 6850 cyclone edition
cooler master elite 430 black

the problem with me is the front panel usb connections. when i got it assembled the person who did it by mistake connected the front panel usb to ieee port on the mobo :fou: :fou: because of which my many devices burned off
:( :( :(
now i have corrected it and connected to the usb only but the problem is that the its not working even now..
i have checked the voltage to see if the connections are rightly made and i am getting 5.2 on both the usb 2.0 on the front panel...
the back panel ports are working fine..
PLZZZZ Help...................
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  1. Please help ......
  2. your board should have come with a usb 3.0 bracket for the back panel. hopefully your assembler didnt steal that and you have it. connect that to your motherboard and see if those ports work. if not RMA your motherboard. if they do you need a new usb 3.0 connector for your case. the manufacturer website might have it. otherwise you might be able to find one on ebay or amazon.
  3. I've got a similar problem. All my USB 3.0 ports stopped functioning all of a sudden (front and back). All USB 2 ports are still working fine. Anyone have similar issue?
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