My fan in the back of my case seems to slow down...

Todays my 18th birthday lol and its about 10 PM and I was getting on my PC and the back of my case...I hear this weird noise.

So I open it and the back of the fan looks like its barley moving like something is hitting it or something so I un plug it..plug it back in and it starts to go again...3mins later...its now doing it again.

Do I need to replace the fan? Ill post a link to the kinda case I have.

HD 5770/ 4 GB / Phenom iix4 b55 / Windows 7 64 Bit.
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  1. Note: Weird thing I just did is I just barley touched it and it started going again....I wonder whats going on with it.
  2. Did you check to make sure the fan cable isn't in the way? Is something wrapped in the fan? Is anything obviously obstructing it?

    Take the fan out of the case and set it on a level surface. Run it and check for obvious signs of warping. Also see if it keeps making the noise outside the case. Also check the fan connection.

    Happy 18th!
  3. Ok will do striker :)!

    Thanks man....

    Question! the fan is a 120mm Exhaust fan...think ill be able to buy the "exhaust" fan on newegg? I typed in 120mm Fan and I got all types of good fans...but none say exhaust lol.

    And IM sure their pretty cheap hu? Like 10-20 bucks?

    And the noise came from the inside I believe.
  4. Umm, you know that every fan is an exhaust or intake, right? It depends on which way you point it? A fan can only blow one direction, but can be mounted either way.....
    I am partial to Xigmatek fans, they run quiet in my opinion. You can choose LED or plain. Just mount the fan so the air blows outward.
  5. LOL yeah striker I am an idoit as I was taking it off *Nothing was in the way nor any wires* I realized that haha...

    Wow 9 Bucks..thanks man!!

    Yeah my PC is like a Transformer :P has blue LED lights in the front and the side light haha.
  6. Not sure how important it is to be glowy in the back, but for an extra $1 might as well get the LED version:
  7. lol yeah...and two questions...say I order one and somethings broken or breaks down 2 weeks later, I can send it back and get a new one right?

    And...I was reading my case on newegg...why does on say cooling side 80mm fan and another says side 80mm LED fan...there is no difference right? lol I know right a stupid question...just always making sure...just one of those people.

    And if I do want to make it either to bring in air or exhaust...I just switch em around?
  8. Yup! You can send it back. They have a 1 year warranty.

    No, no difference that I can tell. One just lights up.

    And all you gotta do is turn them around. Most fans are universal. Might I ask what case you have?
  9. This one but with a 500W power supply included lol but I am changing the PSU *It has done me really good just getting a stronger card so need a stronger PSU*
  10. Ahh ok. I think the color on the LED one should match the Smilidon case. Up to you though.
  11. lol yeah its whatever really, I like the bright blue people are always like "I hate it!" lol I think it looks pretty cool :D

    But thank you striker for your help, much appreciated.
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    No prob. Do me a favor and hit the best answer button. Lets people know the discussion is finished, and gives me a few points :D
  13. hahah will do man!
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