Which GPU for me?

Hello guys, it has been a couple of years since i am on my 8800gt and now this thought of buying a nice gpu is running all around my mind.
My gpu already is alive once again(its fan went dead) as i recently have installed a aftermarket cooler, but now i really need to step my things up.As for my question goes, which gpu should i go for(also do suggest a compatible PSU).

MY SPECS:intel c2d 8400 @3.2 ghz
500w psu
samsung 20"(1600x900-native)
4gb ddr3(corsair)...i am not on a HD resolution so please dont suggest those beasts (590/5970/6990) and Advices for anything is welcome.
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  1. What is the make and model of your psu?

    What is your budget?

    I'm thinking a 1gb GTX460 would be perfect for you.

    Are you sure your native resolution is 1900x600?? I've never even heard of that resolution. Sure it's not 1920x1080 or 1600x1050? Better check your manual for the monitor.
  2. with a 500W PSU, you are limited by ur choices. If its a solid 500W unit, a 460GTX 1gb or a 6870 will work for you. If its not a top tier unit, than you are limited to a 6850 as your best bet.
  3. Oh, my bad..sorry!...yeah its 1600x900 native.My monitor is a SAMSUNG 2043SWX 20", its a corsair PSU(dunno what it has on 12v rail, so suggest me some good PSU which will also have some room for power for later additions).
    Also, i am in india and for this reason i wanted to ask you guys that will a GPU purchased from the USA(planning to get a gtx 560Ti crysis2 edition through my sister) needs the same requirements/run in india??..i am quite skeptical about it so please reply.

    PS-460 is old!! and things here operate at 220v unlike in the USA where components use 110volts :??:
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    Most good PSU adjust to 115 or 220v automatically.

    You want a 650-750W PSU that is at least 80 plus certified, has a strong single rail 50A+ on the 12v rail. Good companies include Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, Corsair, Thermaltake, Antec, NZXT (Hale90) Silverstone, XFX, Cooler Master, Zalman, OCZ, Ximateg.

    Choosing a 80+ PSU from any of these brands with 650W contentious (not max) power will work.
  5. ct1615 said:
    for what? a single card like a GTX 560? not even close

    The OP stated he wanted headroom for future upgrades.
  6. Yes, a 650 should be enough for me..but also suggest which one of those above stated is most reliable..and i do not really want AMD as they are quite messy with their catalyst and i was and will be more than happier sticking to nvidia as they have better tesselation.
  7. GTX 560 needs a 2x6 pin PEG the same is provided with PSU's??...which PSU will be good to buy though?? as i have decided to go with GTX 560Ti.
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