GT 430 1gb Vs ATI 5570 1gb what is the best for gaming

I need a big help from you guys. Im planing to start a gaming cafe with 10 machines. Wnts to strat small at the begining so planing to buys one of these VGAs for the gaming machines. Most of the time i will playing COD4 Multi player. please advice me on this..
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  1. 5570 is arround 5 % more powerful than GT 430
  2. thanks mate.. some thing els also droped in how about GT 240 ddr3
  3. Dominaz1 said:
    5570 is arround 5 % more powerful than GT 430

    GT 240 DDR3 is it fster than 2 of these
  4. ya even that shows GT 240 and 5570 is in the same level. What is the best out of these two cards.
  5. I recommend a 5670 or a GTS 250 as a minimum for gaming and at this price point you get alot more performance for only a little extra cash all the way until you get to the 6850 & 460.
    The 5570 is faster and the ddr5 version is faster again.
  7. A $40 3870 will wipe those cards in fill rates alone. 8800gtx is also floating around for a similar price.
  8. Quote:
    The EVGA Gtx 460 1gb version is going for 159 at newegg. 139.99 if you mail in the rebate
    Ain't the Gtx 220 a rebranded 9800? What resolution do you play at OP?

    The GT220 isn't a re brand and is Much weaker than even a G94 9600gso.

    G92 FTW :kaola:
  9. Quote:
    meant 250 grrr predictive text


    I went looking through new egg, not much that is cheap. I got a 3870 in a spare rigs and was wondering if there was a neat upgrade but nope not for the price. The GTS 250 is still a decent card compared to that junk that is called the GTS 450. Plus some support three way sli support
  10. SO finally is it GTS 250 or ATI 3870??
  11. between those two get the gts250. Just make sure your PSU is powerful enough for it. a good quality 500w psu would be reccommended with at least 30A on the 12v rail(s)
  12. The 3870 is a rare card so you won't find one unless on eBay. However the GTS 250 isn't they are common and can still be bought online in normal retail like newegg.

    PS you don't need 30a to run a single gts 250. 30a = 360w ware the card tops out at 130w at the very most.

    I get by on a 550w unit although 85% silver rated. gtx 460 + 8800gt and five mechanical drives with many fans.
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