Z77 Pro 3-Fans/DVD Drive Stay On After Shut Down


I recently built up my first system in awhile and I am getting a couple of weird issues.

I am running

ASRock Z77 Pro 3
MSI Radeon 6850
Antec HCG 520M PSU
Antec Three Hundred Two Case
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

When I select shut down in windows the system shuts down, however the case led stays on and the case fans keep blowing. The dvd drive will also open if I press the button. Furthermore when pressing the case power button the system will not turn on. Instead I need to hold it for ten seconds or flip the psu switch on the back to shut things down.

I have checked the power button properties in the start menu and it is set to shut down.

Any help would be great.


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  1. Check your front panel connections for errors!
  2. Did it and still have the problem. The only way that I can actually shut everything down is by flipping the psu switch or by holding down the case power button for ten seconds.

    I also tried to restart windows in safe mode. When I did this and shut down, I got held up with a freeze on the shutdown screen. I was able to replicate this a second time as well.
  3. I will also add in that when I do a restart from Windows at one point the case leds and fans will shut off before restarting. Could this have to do with a bios setting or something?
  4. I do not thing there is a BIOS setting but you might have a board with a problem.
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