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I have a local area network setup consiting of a PC, Mac and a Laptop they all go through a switch and share internet, printers, files etc....

I recently decided to go wireless so that i could use my laptop anywhere in the house. So i have bought a Netgear MA521 Wireless PC Laptop Card and a Netgear ME102 Network Access Point. I installed the Laptop card in my Laptop and the Network Access Point into my Switch

The Laptop Card installed ok and was scanning for a wirless network the problem i have now is that the switch is not recognising the Access Point.. I have installed the software and plugged in the usb lead in order to use the console. Windows XP does'nt seem to recognise the driver or the hardware.

I have tried to manually install the driver but to no avail.

Has anyone got any ideas? I'm pretty good with PC's but this is the first time i have ventured into wireless therfore struggling to understand what i have or could be doing wrong.

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Netgear doesn't list that ME102 as having XP support so that could be your problem. Does the documentationt that came with it list XP support?
    That shouldn't be preventing it from working though. What do you mean by the switch isn't recognising the AP? The light isn't coming on on the switch? I think the ethernet on that AP is only 10mb so if your switch doesn't turn on a light when a 10mb device is plugged in that could be the prob.
    Of course it could just as easily be a faulty network cable or the thing is just dead :(

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  2. Even though it says only 98 or ME are supported have you tried installing the SNMP utility and accessing the AP configuration console through that method. I would email Netgear. It seems almost unconceivable that they would not have XP support for a product line. I will say this however an AP is just a hub. It only needs an IP for configuation changes. You need it, because you need to setup security but you don't need it for connectivity. It transparently bridges the Wired/wireless network. It gets a packet and it forwards it. It doesn't care what it is. It works through broadcasting. IP's on AP's are for config only. Doesn't make them work or not work.
  3. It does state that within the packaging that the ME102 will work on windows XP.

    I have tried a couple of cables as well as the cable supplied and they all seem to work.

    When i have installed the SNMP manager it says it cannot find the Access Point.

    I have written to Netgear and i'm awaiting a reponse.
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