Can u suggest a UPS which can drive low power devices

I have 65W laptop + ADSL Modem(10W) + 25W speakers.
I want to power these devices using an UPS.
I bought an apc ups earlier which was supposed to power desktop + crt monitor.
After 5 minutes, this ups stops to power the laptop system(even if I connected a table fan additionally).
Can u suggest an ups which can drive low power devices.
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  1. You need to specify how long you want UPS to power these devices when the main power goes out.
  2. Can I have 2 hours backup with this UPS.
  3. Here is APC's runtime charts. If you have another brand in mind feel free to google for their runtime charts.

    your load is 100w. Remember its not the size in VA that gets you 2 hrs, its the size of the battery inside. The 500va is how much it can power. (in this case 500va~300w)

    This one appears to be cheapest from APC.
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