Windows 7 strange noise at "random" times when starting a program etc


some time ago I had to reinstall Win7 x64 on my Gigabyte X48, Q9650 system and have the following problem:

On some occasions when I start a program (say Word) the system will freeze for a few seconds (~5 sec) producing at the same time a noise from the speakers like a stuttering buzzing sound. When this goes away all is fine and well. On some occasions though the system will freeze. I have all latest drivers and updates installed.

I have built systems numerous times in the past so I'm no novice in building systems plus this particular system had originally Vista and then I moved to Win 7 performing a few clean Win 7 x64 installs. Only the last install produced the described problem.

Any ideas as to what I can check or what it could be?
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  1. I am having this problem as well after I installed an ssd and placed the hdd in where the dvd used to be. But this is only on my laptop and the hdd is placed really close to where the speaker is. I suspect it is due to the magnetic interference of the hdd on the speaker. So I suspect some electromagnetic interference plays a role in your problem. Try resitting everything in the case and check everything is nicely spaced or insulated.
  2. No this has nothing to do with interference. It is not something has happens continuously but at random times. Sometimes when I start a program sometimes when another action is performed. It is more like something goes to sleep (what could that be I have no idea) and then when it wakes I have this problem.

    Actually, I think it is related to USB ports. If I turn on my printer I get this noise for a few say 5 seconds. If I switch off my second monitor that incorporates a USB hub I get this noise.

    As I said it is like if something goes to sleep and has difficulty (expressed with this noise) in waking up. Once the noise (and the freeze) goes all is fine.
  3. Ok I think that is due to window audio service encountering an error and shut down itself and restart again.
  4. do you know how I can check this? I guess I could uninstall the audio drivers and install them again and see if that helps.
  5. Do try reinstalling the driver.

    I had similar problem before where instead of making noise erratically, it stopped any sound at some time and the sound come back on again. You can go to start>computer>manage and in service find window audio service and in the recovery, check if restart is selected for 1st, 2nd and subsequently failure. If you have not got it selected to restart for all, then it is not a audio service problem and we have to look for something else.
  6. mmm.... I checked the "Windows Audio" service and only the first two are enabled the "Subsequent failures" is set to "Take No Action". The same applies to "Windows Audio Endpoint Builder" (whatever this is). So I guess it is not a audio driver problem as audo would have stopped working after the first two crashes, right?
  7. Yes, pretty much. Can you check your reliability history log.
  8. Hi Pyree, I couldn't find anything related to this problem. What a life...
  9. Run out of idea, sorry. Need someone more knowledgeable to join this convo.
  10. I'm SOSing then
  11. thank you for all your help and time.
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