Need a little help deciding upon graphics card...


I am upgrading my graphics card soon *please save the "DO SLI/Crossfire!" I do plan on doing that but just in the future when it works in my budget lol* Personally I think its dumb how people try to SLI to get a better performance then say one card say the 570/580...just get one of those and save for another then that would be uber lol..just my opinion :D.


I was planning to get a GTX 580 but as I am doing more research seems Nvidia is bit more expensive but better performance? I mean id rather pay the extra for the better performance however working with this GREAT! forum you people are genius!

What is my best *SINGLE CARD!* option for now? No I can not afford a 590 lol, my limit atm is 500 for a card.

Any advice will do great!

Thanks guys :). and ladies :love:
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  1. If you like Nvidia then the GTX 580 is your card @ the $500 price point. The HD 6970 is $200 cheaper and only slightly slower. Most won't see a difference between these cards. Price for performance is heavily weighted toward the HD 6970. Performance favors the GTX 580...
  2. Hmm I already planned to get the GTX 580...I am thinking of sticking to it! Crossfire 6970 SLI 580 *Future references* Im thinking SLI ? Though how are the drivers with Nvidia? I hear their having some problems or something lol.
  3. Not sure about driver problems. Doing a quick Google search gave me tons of results. May be worth a little more research..
  4. Ahh ok...hmm yeah I was doing some research and some people were saying things like "I do not know whats wrong with Nvidia but their drivers are not their best" something along those lines...
  5. I don't know what research you have done, but it is my experience and the concensus of the articles I have read that Nvidia has a much better of history of updating its drivers. It is ATI/AMD that has past issues with drivers (to this I can personally attest). Both the GTX 580 and AMD 6070 are great cards. Please note that multiple card configurations for Nvidia are called SLI and for AMD are called Crossfire.
  6. Ah ok Chest...yeah I was just googling and some people were saying that so I was unsure. And yeah I know I learned from this forum that Nvidia are SLI and Crossfire AMD lol XD.

    I think I will go with the 580.
  7. I'm assuming you checked out Tom's May best GPU for the money article? If not it might not only provide your answer, but it also addresses when you are better off with one uber card or to lesser SLI/CX cards.,2935.html
  8. Ok thanks Draneico...I plan to get one uber card then get another one in the future to dothe SLI/CX
  9. 6970 for $300 (give or take) the gtx 580 will only give you about 2-5 more frames per second for $200 more. and like you said in the future you can crossfire them, but for now the 6970 is your best choice
  10. Eh ill send the extra money for the extra punch lol...I also like Nvidia(GTX) the more overall performance :D.
  11. spend* plus I have read that when it comes to more detail "candy" look...Nvidia comes out stronger.
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