Radeon 5670, 5750 or something else for budget rig?

BUDGET RANGE: about £70 (UK) but some flexibility if it will mean a big boost in performance.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Doing a lot of OpenGL work in Processing/OpenFrameworks, video editing, Adobe CS5, some 3d modelling (3ds Max). Music production using Reaper. Probably some gaming too but I'll adapt to what I can play rather than building for a particular game.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: CoolerMaster Elite 500W PSU. Integrated graphics at the moment.

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Windows 7HP 64 bit, currently 4 (but will likely order another 4) gb DDR3 RAM, Phenom II 1090t, Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H motherboard.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: been buying from Overclockers.co.uk but open to options.


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No, unless enabling Hybrid Crossfire with the IGP is going to give me a performance boost.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Single 1280x1024 at the moment.


I've been looking at this 5670, and this 5750. The comparison table lists the 5750 above the 5670, but reviews seem to suggest this model is pretty noisy. These seem pretty comparable- would either be OK, or will one be significantly better? Other suggestions welcome also.
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  1. The 5750 outperforms the 5670, and since the price diff. isnt much go for the 5750
  2. like mihir94 said the 5750 is the better card and if you can stretch a bit from there I'd grab a 5770
  3. the XFX model is a better buy bc it carries a double lifetime warranty (meaning if you sell it the warranty is transferable once in the card lifetime). But as I mentioned above personally I'd go with a little more muscle in a 5770 if you can afford it, even for your res, and if not the 5750 should suit you just fine.
  4. 4 gigs of ddr3 ram is all you need by the way no need to waste money on that for gaming... Ive never seen physical memory use much above 2.8 gigs on my rig and that was the most ive seen and it was in starcraft 2, other than that even while gaming my memory usage doesnt go over 2 gigs so 4 is all you need brother
  5. Thanks. The 5770 does look good, and should see me through a monitor upgrade or two (if only...). Re: more RAM, it's more for work rather than play that I'm thinking about it. Premiere and After Effects like to hog it IME, but I will have a play with what I have and see how it goes.

    Cheers for the advice.
  6. yeah well for general productivity then you might want to go with 8 gigs, memory is darn cheap these days anyways...
  7. Well, I went with the 5770 in the end, and the RAM was on special so 8gb it is! Should be here in a couple of days.

  8. very nice, enjoy!
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