I want to build a gameing PC

Ok i would like to say hi :hello: . So over this summer I am going to build my first gameing PC me only being 18 well wont have a grand to play with on it. I used to build computer with my dad but then he just got lazy and buys them. I would like to know if 600 dollars to 700 dollars would be sufficent to build a gaming rig. So if anybody can give me some advice on what is going to be me the best bang for my buck.

P.S. I a Nvidia person had sum bad experice with ATI
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  1. Since you are on a tight budget, I'd wait and see what AMD releases. They generally have cheaper cpus and you can build around that.
  2. There is a computer show coming up so I am going to see what they have sum have deals where u buy a motherboard and get the processer half off
  3. You could do a low end gaming build. Look at this article:

    Tom's does this sort of review quarterly, so you may want to wait and see the upcoming article (should be out within a couple of weeks).
  4. Yes, $600/700 will be enough for a pretty descent gaming build.

    But i think the money would be better spent on some English lessons...
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