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Alright i finally buoght and recieved all my parts for my new build:

Gigabyte Z68
Samsung HD
A50 corsair CPU cooler
Antec 300 case
Antec 750w psu
Xfx Radeon 6870
PNY 1333mhz Memory

Now i installed all drivers, updated windows 7, installed anti-virus and then turned off computer for the night. (this roughly took 4 hours)

Start it up today, everything works great. Very responsive.... So i decide to check my WEI rating. 7.5, 7.5, 7.8, 7.8, 5.8 not to bad. and i know this is a "crappy" benchmark but i just wanted to see.

Next i install speedfan (newest version) and check my temps......

Temp 1= 40c
Temp 2= 127c ?????????
Temp 3= 21c
Hd0= 26c
Core 0= 26c
Core 1= 31c
Core 2= 27c
Core 3= 31

Says im at about 4% cpu usage

Fan 1 (cpu cooler) is at 2000 rpm

So im wondering why temp two is so high? is it a misreading maybe? Any help would be appreciated.
Temp 4
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    Temp 2 does this for everyone it seems dont worry about its an error.
  2. Good i was just making sure... I download Cpuid HWmonitor and it showed all temps around 29c.

    I also downloaded Real Temp GT 3.60
    pretty constant at 25-29 on all cores with no cpu usage virtually. With internet Explore 9 open cpu jumps to about 4% usage and temps on all cores are around 29-31

    I downloaded Prime95 and ran in for 1.5 hours.

    Pretty constant Temp Levels on all cores 45-49
    The maxium was 54 and was on core 2 and 4
    Thermal Status is Ok on all

    The fans in the case are set on medium speed and the Top Fan is set to low (it only could be set low or high) The Cpu Cooler runs at 2000rpms.

    I have a couple questions now...

    In CPU-z it says i have memory in slot 1 and slot 3. Is this bad? should i put my other memory in slot 2. As stated i have a Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3.

    When i first booted the system i did not change anything in bios, as some of the walkthroughs said you had to. Are there any very indepth details on what i need to change if anything to make my computer work at the best?

    Thanks for any answers.
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