Two saphire 5750s vs a single GTX470. thoughts?

Hello everyone.

so long story short, i just finished building a monster (atleast to me lol),

the mobo is a ASUS Crosshair Formula IV and that board (am3) supports ATi crossfire but not nvidia sli.
now, with my curr setup i can run games on max except final fantasy 14....................lols

but so , my friend gave me a good deal, hes gonna sell me 2 5750s (same brand /make etc)
for 120$

im going to jump on it.

my main question is,

since my curr board supports crossfire, should i replace the gtx470 thats inthere now for the 2 5750s?

will my performance be better since i have 2 of em vs that one 470?

i looked and the 5750s stats are way below the 470 but TWO 5750s make their stats go almost the same and in some cases decently above that single 470.

any advice i severely appreciate

thanks in advance.
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    resell the 5750s, although if its a friends you should probably let him sell them bc you can probably make a decent profit off a 2 5750s purchsaed for 120... but they are not worth crossfiring unless you like dealing with rediculously low minimum fps. The gtx 470 is practically a little better than 5750 crossfire to begin with as far as average fps is concerned (w 5750 xfire) it will also have much hlower minimum fps (when compared to the 470) and you will not have to deal with the headaches of crossfire and their piss poor x fire drivers (if you just keep the 470). Def keep the 470 but if that is not going to cut it, I'd recommend going to a single powerful gpu such as a gtx 580 or a 6970 for a single 1080p display. The crossfire minority is unfortunately not catered to very well by amd at this point and the minimum fps of crossfire 5750s would be crippling to the overall experience to say the least. Take whatever minimum fps you get with one card and start slicing a large percentage of that when you add a second card, it is sad but that is how it works, your avg fps will be higher (than a single card) but minimums will be low with 5750 crossfire. Not worth it at all, imo
  2. HMM OK.


    well i have the gtx 470 and im happy with it.

    only reason im even considering it is because, i want ONe of the 5750s for my htpc that im building.
    its a decent pc already but the video thats being outputted to my 42" could be better.
    im assuming that since its big screen and my onboard vid via hdmi isnt supporting max res, that i need a video card.
    so i was wanting to buy a 5750 for it and hes selling it to me for 70$

    but when he offered me the 2 5750s for that 120 i almost jumped lol.

    but since the word from you guys isnt good then..........
    ill just buy the one.

    thanks fellas.
  3. your welcome, 1 5750 for 70 is a good deal and will be nice in your htpc, enjoy
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