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Hello, i was wondering if a GTX 460 is noticable better than a 5830. Also i was wondering if it is better, would it be able to work on my build. Gigabyte 880G mobo, Corasair 850W psu, 8gb gskill ripjaw ram, AMD 955 blackedition, and i have a OZC vertex II sdd and a WD HDD? Sorry if this is worded badly! Thanks in advance! - Raham
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  1. simple answer, yes and yes although its not going to be leaps and bounds over the 5830, it will certainly have more potential and the 5830 was a huge fail in general imo, it has worse performance then the 5850 with more power consumption, wtf?
  2. what resolution do you play at?
  3. it's only a bit better than the 5830, and yea as jjb stated, 5830 was a huge fail, still in some games it beats 460, but when you compare OCed 5830 to OCed 460, 460 wins hands down
  4. yeah I agree with shrkbay, and depending on res, etc. I'd at least go with a gtx 560ti or greater as an upgrade, upgrading to a 460 is hardly worth it imo
  5. yeah.. and now the 560 non Ti comes out which is exact 460 on a new chip, so the 460 production may be stopped, and you won't be able to SLi with a new 460 in the future, what GPU do you have now?
  6. I am planning on buying a 1920x1080 monitor, and i currently have a raedon 5830. But as of right now i use a 1600xsomething monitor, i dont know the exact resolution, it came free witha dell computer my parents bought 3 years ago.
  7. if you're going to upgrade a screen to 1920x1080 then you should go for a GTX 560 Ti SOC or AMD 6950, otherwise you won't see almost any improvement from 5830 on 1680x1050 to GTX 460 1920x1080...
  8. alrighty thank you, this helps very much. Its only like an extra paycheck to get better stuff and IMO its worth it to me.
  9. ^ yeah I agree with shrkbay, for 1080p I would at least go with a 6950 or gtx 560 ti
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