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Hello, i just downloaded league of legends and I can not start because it reads video card does not support pixel shader 2.0 and I can not find where I should download it know somebody help me Thanks
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  1. You can't download pixal shader 2.0 its something that you get with your graphics card so i think you would need to get a better one
  2. Pixel Shader 2.0 was introduced in 2001 I believe; you desperatly need an upgrade to play any games released since then, since most all of them require at least SM2 [most now require SM3]
  3. Chances are if the game is not reporting shader2.0 your driver is messed up. Look in the device manager tio figure out what type of card it is. Is it ATI or Nvidia, then go to the website and get the most current driver. The default standard VGA driver in windows will run the computer in 2D but it is not smart enough to use any of the features of the video card.
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