ASRock P67 Extreme 4 tries to boot from Marvell SATA


I just put this system together last night:

ASRock P67 Extreme 4
i5-2400S (Quad core, 65 watt, HD2000 graphics)
PNY GTX550ti 1gb GDDR5/192 bit
8gb (2 x 8gb) GSkill Ripjaw PC12800
Cooler Master Hyper N520 cooler
Antec 900 Case
Cooler Master RS600 Gold 600 Watt PS
OCZ Agility 3 120gb for OS and Programs: on Intel 1 connector
320 GB WD SATA for storage On Intel 0 connector
500 GB WD SATA for backups May be on Marvell
Set for AHCI both in BIOS and manually in registry (which step cleared some things up)
HP (OK, didn't know I had not ATA connectors) DVD/CD R/RW--so I ran to the Blue Shirt Guys
(due to backup compression maybe I should reverse those?)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Serial and USB Port Cards

Build wasn't as smooth as I expected; I wish the case had better MB access or removable MB tray. System not burned in yet, processor at idle about 32, highest I've seen is 37 or 38 while installing software updates. On the other hand the case is cool and it is quiet. Nice air-flow.

Since completing driver installation AND SWITCHING TO AHCI the machine skips the ability to go into BIOS (regardless of hitting F2, DEL) and loads the Marvell controller. The Marvell controller finds no (boot) drives and it restarts, boots up normally (Ha--until a BSOD at 2AM).

Is there any way to get it avoid trying to boot through the Marvell controllers? Or have I missed something I might need to tweak in the registry?

My needs are basically some photo editing, office suite and runnng programs for my ham radio station, but I don't like to be underpowered. This replaced an Opteron 170 I built about four years ago.

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  1. Should you be in AHCI or IDE - what's your boot sequence?

    I also note that you say "500 GB WD SATA for backups May be on Marvell"

    Are you in a RAID or SRT array?
  2. Thank you for the reply.

    I am not in RAID. I've happily and successfully used Acronis TrueImage for years without problems, and that 500GB is for the Acronis Secure Zone.

    Since all the drives are original SATA or SATA III I should be in AHCI, I believe--and it boots and runs well with it, AFTER installing the Marvell drivers on each boot and trying to boot off of the Marvell host controller, which does not have a boot drive on it (may not have any drives, not sure).

    The boot sequence is my CD, then the OCZ, and then nothing (haven't found an option for enabling USB boot yet, just ethernet boot). Once I find the USB boot option I'll enable that too.

    Maybe the problem is my boot.cfg and it is set to load Marvell each time at boot, and that shouldn't be. What do you think? Wherever it is happening, it is just after the BIOS load and before beginning to load Windows. Everything shows fine in Device Manager.

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