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Hideously Annoying High Pitched Sound When Windows Boots (Motherboard Issue)

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June 2, 2012 6:31:24 AM

Hi TomsHardware Pros.

I have a serious issue going on with my freshly built computer which is completely driving me nuts. :cry: 

My motherboard is producing this horribly annoying high pitched "dog whissel" sound which is very very faint but it can be heard from accross the room, its especially bad because my desktops on my desk and no where else to place it.

-I know its the Motherboard because the sound goes away when I refresh a page, and flickers when I load an application/program.

-The sound only starts as soon as windows starts.

-Someone posted on here seeming to have a similar, possibly the same problem:

-He said he disabled a featured called overspeed protection, however I do not even know if my motherboard has this, I cant find it in my BIOS (Award Software BIOS)

-Here is a screenshot of the BIOS so you know exactlly what it is:

I am seriously at everyone's mercy of expertise here because I have no where else to go.

My motherboard, still under warranty is a Gigabyte H61M-DS2. I have finally learned never to cheap out on motherboards. They are a Taiwanese company and offer 0 support. :cry: 

I am hoping someone can give me advice as if there maybe something I need to disable in BIOS, or how I'm actually able to find overspeed protection in Award Software BIOS.

I am 100% at the mercy of everyone here so I am begging an expert to help!

Thanks in advanced for a response


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June 2, 2012 6:49:06 AM

Upon further investigation I have fixed the issue. I believe anyone with a GIGABYTE mobo who has this problem will be happy to know this will fix it. So for anyone in the future with this issue:

The fix for the issue is to disable the following in your ADVANCED CPU CORE OPTIONS (I may have misspelled as I wrote them down sloppy):