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I'm trying to build a budget PC for my dad, but as the Ivy-bridge I3's aren't out yet I have to settle for a Sandy-bridge CPU, but it leaves me wondering, you can buy a h77 board with internal USB 3.0 much cheaper then a h61/p67/z68 board with usb 3.0, is that just due to the chipset or do you need an Ivy-bridge CPU for them to run at USB 3.0 speeds? As it stands to get a motherboard with USB 3.0 using Sandy-bridge It looks like it'd be cheaper to buy one without and then drop in a PCIe x4 USB 3.0 internal header expansion card.
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  1. Here's a newer board with usb 3 and sata III support: Biostar M75 BU3+ for $69.99 plus shipping at newegg. The B75 is a newer chipset for Ivy bridge that will run the older sandy bridge cpus. This board has every feature your dad will need for just a few dollars more.
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