Evga 590 Classified...should I buy it?

Fry's has one Evga 590 classified left in stock for $650. Should I buy that or go with (2) 570s? I play at 1920x1200 at 8x AA 16x AF. If I went with 570s then they would be sandwiched together and I'm worried they would be significantly louder than the 590 (noise is important to me).
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  1. No way. I've been hearing nothing but horror stories about the GTX590.

    If it's too loud then turn up your speakers.
  2. Not a good idea to run cards in SLI without at least one slot of space between them. 650's a pretty good price for a 590 if you want to roll the dice on one, there have been alot of reports of spectacular failure with those cards though. Have you considered one of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130626&Tpk=gtx%20460%202win

    Beats the 580 and costs less, if your motherboard slots are spaced so that SLI isn't really an option I think it would be a good choice.
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