Will this cooling setup work?

Hello everyone,

I just got a new case, Cooler Master CM 690 II, and I've been planning how to setup the case fans.
I've included an image of the case with my cooling ideas.
I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

By the way, the side panel exhaust is a fan blowing air out.


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  1. Well jugeing by it im no good with airflow but it looks good :)
  2. I need to know your exact make and model hardware components to evaluate your cooling, but the only thing i can pick up on your diagram is that side fan as an exhaust, may actualy draw out the cool air before it has chance to pass over your GPU, i always set up a side vent as a cool air inlet(DUST FILTERED) as this ensures fresh cool air blowing over your hot GPU.
  3. Oh and keep those top fans in the roof as hot air exhausts, remember hot air rises, so its only natural to have it sucking out all the hot air.
  4. Thanks Uther39, I know the setup is unconventional.
    I just felt that the video would disrupt the air flow coming from the bottom-front to the top-back.

    Here's the hardware that will fill the case:

    intel i7 2500k cpu
    enermax ets-t40 vegas duo cpu cooler
    pc power and cooling silencer mk II 500w psu
    asus radeon hd 6670 video card
    asus p8z68-v lx lga 1155 mobo
    crucial 64gb ssd
    western digital caviar black 1tb hdd
  5. OK, nice hardware nice case, oh and nice diagram by the way, but yes, as i said make the roof fans as exhausts and the side fan drawing cool air into the case and blowing it over your GPU, dont forget to buy a dust filter for the side vent though, there cheap enough you can pick them up for a couple of pounds/dollars.
  6. I know that's not what you're asking, but if this system's for gaming you're better off with a lower tier CPU and a higher tier GPU.
  7. No, it's more for graphic design, photo and video editing.

  8. Ah great, then I'm sure you won't be disappointed!
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