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Hi all!
I want to get windows 7 Pro 64 bit for my under-construction homebuild. Seeing as I'm technically a student, I can upgrade from windows XP Pro (my current system) for only 30 pounds. The easy method would be to put my hard drive into the new build and then upgrade to windows 7. The problem is I want a newer, faster, larger hard drive as my primary drive in the new build (and I'm saving money ...being student and all :kaola: ).
So easy yes/no question; is there a way around this?

I DO have the original XP Pro installation CD.
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  1. I wouldn't upgrade to windows 7 until you build your new rig. I am assuming that you are getting all new parts in which case the motherboard will also be new. If you put windows 7 on your current computer you will have to buy another windows 7 for your new rig and waste the 30 pounds.
  2. I think if you move your hdd the whole thing will get really mad about changing mobos and sometimes your original install won't even work if you use a drastically different core (intel to amd, or changing chipsets, or even a 32 bit core to a 64 bit core can do it IIRC)

    I figure you'd be better off to pick up your new computer, install windows XP on it, then do the upgrade version, that way you're working with a pretty much new computer and install of windows 7 as opposed to the old (possibly bloated) version you're running now.

    Then put your old HDD in an external enclosure, move your stuff off an use it as a back up drive.
  3. If you purchase the W7 upgrade, you can hold onto it (via downloaded .ISO file) until you rebuild. I used the student "upgrade" to do a clean install on a new SSD a few years ago.
  4. surely I would need to buy a new copy of windows XP?
  5. That's what I thought, but I just put in the disc (er, USB bootable drive) and did a "Custom" installation.

    When I reinstalled it recently, I accidentally used the wrong product code, so I just finished the install and left it unactivated. I found the right product code and tried to activate it, but it told me that it was an upgrade version and couldn't activate.

    Then I reinstalled it and entered the product key when it asks during the install, and it activated without a hitch. I don't know what the issue was, but once it installs it apparently won't recognize an upgrade product key.

    I don't know if this applies just to OEM upgrades or Retail upgrades as well.
  6. that's weird, it really shouldn't do that. . . And it actually activated after you passed the install?

    The key is basically an answer to a question the disc asks, and even if you're trying to install retail disc and OEM full key it won't work. . . so I think it's pretty bizzare.
  7. Yeah, but it wouldn't install if I skipped entering the code and let it fully install before entering it.
  8. Well I found this website
    and they're selling windows 7 home for 52 pounds!
    it looks a little dodgy though, you got an opinion?
    they could be OEMs... which I heard were a bad thing?
  9. OEM isn't bad so long as you have the CD for it, or the CD comes with. Really no different from retail other than licenced usage and the box/instructions/manual etc. It's usually just a key and if you're lucky, a disk with a cardboard backing.

    As far as this site, check some reviews and make sure it's brand new software they're selling, and not "recovered" keys or something.

    EDIT: I can't find anything on the net either way about he legitimacy about this site. However what I did notice was improper grammar, capitalization and general dodginess. The pictures appear to be a disk in a paper sleeve with a license glued on it, which look nothing like any OEM software i've ever recieved. Buyer beware.
  10. "The benefits we provide, especially through the bulk purchase of products and ensure our customers turn up to 60% discount, not an exaggerated advertising, no exorbitant labor costs and a sophisticated warehouse logistics. In some product areas, we are the absolute cheapest supplier, which we are particularly proud of. Shows that our concept is successful, particularly in the rapid growth of our company. You will see Windows 7 as favorable now as XP, Office or Adobe Acrobat."

    That did make me laugh, however.

    Edit: They spell "labour" the american way, so i'd doubt it's based in the U.K.

    Probably used google translate.

    Double edit: they clearly state it's based in germany, herp de derp i need to read more before posting.
  11. internetlad said:
    OEM isn't bad so long as you have the CD for it, or the CD comes with. Really no different from retail other than licenced usage and the box/instructions/manual etc. It's usually just a key and if you're lucky, a disk with a cardboard backing.

    In regards to the W7 Student Upgrade, make sure you get the file in .ISO and not the .EXE. You'll be able to burn it to a disc or make a bootable USB installation drive with the ISO so you don't lose it.
  12. The site is part of zavita group. I checked most of it out, it all seems pretty okay except this part which is in english, but I just don't get it:

    "It can be a manufacturer for example Dell will be printed , but no restrictions and differences to other versions Whereas a sale of OEM software in the Judgement of the Federal Court in 2000 legalized and is legal. The software may be used for private or business restrictions. Not suitable for installation on MAC .<br><br>The verdict of the Federal Court , the sale of OEM versions, DSP versions allowed without associated hardware . Therefore , you may use this license on any computer . This is in the Federal Court Judgement of 06.07.2000 - I ZR 244/97 Germany also clearly documented .
    This applies to individuals and companies and entrepreneurs."
  13. it's saying they scavenged it off a dead Dell computer, but they'll still work on any PC.
  14. we spell labor, not labour, looks french not "american"
  15. well I've mailed them, see what interesting reply I get and I'll let you guys know.
  16. How much is the student discount for you? It's only $30 US here.
  17. £30 but it needs to be an upgrade. I'm building a fresh computer, and I've already used my windows XP CD on my current build.
  18. You can use an upgrade disc on a fresh install, you just aren't meant to.
  19. so you're saying I just need to buy the student upgrade, but on a disk or USB, and use that to install windows 7??
  20. I just did the student upgrade version of windows7 for a clean install. For me, it wasn't as easy as some seem to make it out to be around here.

    I did a clean install on a brand new rig I built. The install went fine, but I couldn't activate my copy of windows7 at the time. I left it go for 7 days and then the OS asked me if I wanted to activate windows7. Tried my product key again. Got a response that my version of window7 was intended for upgrade only. I honestly thought that the $30 student version of windows7 was the full copy, not upgrade version. Oh no!

    I started to do some research on what happens if I don't activate and started to freak out that I'd get kicked off my own computer and parts of windows7 wouldn't operate. I read that some people had the same issue and how they resolved it. So I got on the phone to windows. Talked to a guy in India for a few minutes and got disconnected. Called again (frustration starting to mount) and talked to another Indian lady for a 1/2 hour. She led me through some stuff and then after all that said she couldn't help me and gave me another number to call and explain my situation (frustration grows). Talked to a guy in sales??? He said there was nothing he could do and would put me through to technical support. I'm now an hour into this with no end in sight and was beginning to believe that this wasn't going to happen. FINALLY, I talk to a tech guy in the Phillipines and he was SOOOoooo helpful. It took another full install of windows7, had me type in a few commands in the search bar, clicked a few items, re-entered my product key.... and BAM!!!! Issue resolved. Reinstalling windows7 took forever, but in the end it all worked. 2+ hours later

    This is the basics for me. Though this was a new rig, I did have an old valid copy of windows xp home edition from my old dell. I called and explained that I did an upgrade of a bunch of new components and that I bought windows7 and did a clean install. There apparently isn't a clean install path to go from xp home 32 bit to windows 7 64 bit and I explained that to each person I talked to. The last tech guy never even asked about it. Just helped me through it and allowed my upgrade version to be installed on the fresh rig.

    So!!! Beware of what you are buying. If you go the upgrade route for your clean install, be ready to spend some time on the phone. This was not a painless experience for me!
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