Slow computer when loading.

Hey guys, I've recently built a New computer. (with some carry-over parts from my last that died)

AMD Phenom II x2 555 BE 3.2 CPU
ASUS M4A87TD/USB3 mobo
Sapphire Radeon 5770 1gb GPU
500W Antec Earthwatts 80+ Bronze PSU
Patriot Sector Low Latency 7-7-7-20 1.65v (2x2gb dual channel) RAM
Antec Sonata III Case.
Some old Harddrive Carried over from my last Pre-built Compaq(ew) Computer. 250gb 7200RPM
Some old Disc Drive Carried over. Works fine.

Sadly this new system runs only a little faster (barely) than my past bad Compaq build, which was 1.9ghz cpu and 2gbs ram.

Since the Harddrive is carried over, this might be a problem, but I'm not positive. Suggestions?
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  1. Yes, hard drives can experience problems that cause them to slow down. I am curious; what you mean by the last system "died"?

    Did you wipe the hard drive and reinstall the OS?

    I am always VERY careful when reusing parts, especially if the cause of failure might have involved power problems.
  2. When it died, the power supply died.
    I used it as an excuse to get a new computer.
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