Switch to hdmi and now none of my resolutions work. please help :)

so i just got a new video card, this one here -----> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121390&cm_re=asus_gtx460-_-14-121-390-_-Product
and decided today to pick up an hdmi cable and try it out. this is my tv -----> http://www.viewsonic.com/products/lcd-tvs/nx2232w.htm
when i got everything plugged up i quickly noticed tht most of my previous resolutions are gone, and even tried to creat a new custom one but it says that it is not supported by my display. ( i used to use 1680 x 1050 )

anyone know why this is happening, i was pretty disappointed, thanks in advance for your time and help.
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  1. Your optimum resolution on your tv is 1680x1050 according to it's stats Your gpu is capible of much more. In fact your stats show only 3 compatible pc resolutions. If you want the most out of your gpu you may need a monitor that supports higher resolutions. My Hanns-g optimum resolution is 1680x1050 and my 5770 will go much higher.
  2. ya and that is what i have it set to with the vga cable in. but what my question is essentially is why is it that when i switch to hdmi it suddenly doesn't have jack *** for resolutions, they all look shitty, and i cant use the same one that i was using with the vga in, its not even an option.
  3. As it is a tv did you set the video in to Pc?
  4. wait what? i dont understand what you are asking. i hooked it up via hdmi straight from the pc. and used to hdmi source (channel) on the tv
  5. Does your tv have a channel usually 3 or 4 that you need to set it on to get cable /aux etc?
  6. What os are you running? Vista/W7 will ask if you want the pc hdmi to be the main display if everything is hooked up right. Also if the vid card has hd audio out try turning it's audio off.
  7. According to your TV's specs it only supports up to 1080i. (INPUT SIGNAL
    TV/Video comp. 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i) Which may explain the problem.

    (I've always believed this but never had the equipment to test) I think that HDMI has only set resolutions that can be displayed . And most of these are based on the 16:9 format. (since HDMI and DVI-D define an overlapping minimum set of supported resolutions and framebuffer formats to ensure a basic level of interoperability : Wikipedia "HDMI")

    So unless you want to use a VGA cable or switch out your TV I think you a little out of luck.
  8. Also not all hdmi cables are created equally. If you have wiggle room it could be the cable. You have a good tv and a good gpu you should have a good 1680x1050 picture if everything else is set/ connected correctly. If you have another tv w/hdmi in the house connect it to the comp and see what happens.
  9. shamanxia has a point, if your TV only supports 1080i you won't be able to use a proper 1080 setting.

    Basically you're vga cable transmits an analogue signal while your hdmi cable transmits a digital one. These are two completely separate pathways into your TV. I don't mean to alarm you but you're TV isn't really designed to be used as a monitor over hdmi.

    For best results you should use an analogue vga cable and make sure your card is set to the native resolution of your monitor (1680x1050@ 60hz). I've seen a lot of people set their analogue-input lcd panels to greater than 60hz, but this is a mistake and will only cause the output image to become fuzzy.
  10. MagicPants is correct. It really depends on the LCD TV and what resolutions it can output in HDMI or VGA.

    One of my LCD TVs have higher resolutions in VGA than in HDMI. Vice versa with my 2nd LCD TV.
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