Asrock n68 vs3 fx Boot Problems

i am having someproblems with my asrock n68 vs3 fx with amd fx4100 cpu and 8gb 1600mhz ram.
after biospost i get a flashing cursor for about 20 seconds. How can i fix this.

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  1. Is there any post beep code? Try resetting bios.
  2. on the bios post there is no beep. but when the flashing cursor has gone and windows starts to boot it beeps then also i have reset the cmos and bios. also the bios has been updated successfully and still no change.

    would you like a video of this?
  3. What is your bios? It maybe other hardware like ram, cpu. Try to boot without video card. It will confirm video issue if any.
  4. the bios is the latest one from the asrock site. i will try removing the video card later.
  5. I mean, what is your bios company? AMI, Award, UFEI? And how many beep there are?
  6. there is one beep and i think its AMI. i will do a vid of startup when i can
  7. Short beep or long beep? Its better if you get a pic of flashing cursor.
  8. Hi
    This is a short vid i made. the cpu is underclocked at the moment for a test i was doing to see if it was the problem. so heres the vid
  9. this link will work...
  10. run cpu-z under spd tab print it out this is the speed the ram can run. check that the mb is set for the right speed and voltage.
    under video devices make sure if your using a add in card that it boots to the add in card first then the onboard video. in staa setting it should be set to ide not raid. there no achi mode on your mb.
  11. ok i made another viid of cpuz and my oc tuner (i dont use it)

    here it is
  12. it may be the bios boot guard in the bios slowing the post down..there is a beta bios that says speeds up boot speed of amd+ cpu. if it posting fine with a small delay i would leave it alone.
  13. well it is posting fine but its almost 30 senconds delay and its annoying to think my pc has a slow boot.
  14. where can i find this beta bios? would be fun to try
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