Emachine EL1352-07e motherboard power sw plug go?

Hi my question is I have a Emachine EL1352-07e motherboard and I put it into a new case . Now I have a bunch of little plugs called power sw led power led ground led hdd a bunch of diff ones but I can't find we're to put them on the motherboard . Can someone please help me ASAP thank you very much . I feel like I'm going crazy thanks
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  1. There should be a brunch of pin in mobo mentioning hdd led, power led, sw led, etc. Look for it.
  2. I don't see anything on the board like that
  3. Cant you remember where you unplug those cable from Emachine case?
  4. Yes it went from one wire not like the new case it is in though can someone find a pic of the motherboard and pic it out for me
  5. Why dont you snap a shot of your mobo and upload here. So that we can help. Get a clear pic and close shot of mobo.
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