Got a gtx 570, can I put it in my old pc evga 680i board and...

I got the gtx 570 today and I want to use it on my old system.
Can I use it on
Evga nforce n680i
E6750 2.66 core 2 duo
DDR 2 MHz 800
Pus 850 watts thermal take
Currently using gtx 8800

I want to use that card for now and later use it as a physx for the high performance next 2 months

I7 extreme or i7 2600k
12gb ddr3
2x gtx 590

The rest of the component is also high
Can I do that later cause the box of gtx 570 still not opened
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  1. Everything you listed would work OK. Although personally I think going from an 8800 to a 570, running on 2 gigs of DDR2 800 and a core 2 duo would create bottlenecks, it would work fine.

    Regarding your future high performance computer build, if you already have two 590's, that's 4 GPU's already. Don't throw in the 570, it won't be worth it and it might not even work anyway.
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