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7950GT AGP Graphics Card Fried? help!!


Once again, another problem with my 6-7 year old system..

My AGP card won't let my computer boot with display properly.. a beep code like so occurs:
*BEEEEEEEEEEEPP BEEP BEEP* / 1 long 2 short.. I looked it up and i guess it means its a graphics card issue (Phoenix - AWARDBios is my bios)...

This is has been occasionally malfunctioning and causing my system to do this. Once in a while, the system boots fine, but if i restart the system, it starts beeping again but yet the system boots, and i hear the Win. XP intro theme, but no display =[ and the weirdness continues...

This is what i did to confirm this, and to debunk the thought that my AGP slot on my mobo fried: I used my friend's nV GeForce FX 5200 AGP in my system on my AGP slot and it worked. Even to test it, i played UT2004 on it in a heavy game mode where the fps dropped to right around 30, and yet it kept up so nothing wrong with slot, except that the 5200 doesnt need PSU 4-pin molex assistance while my 7950GT does, so idk but anyways the slots ok and i tried a different 4-pin molex connector so i highly doubt my 750W overkill PSU gave up the ghost.

bottom line

Whats wrong with my 7950GT!? (by the way its really not that old, less than two years old bought it brand new and kept good cooling for it).
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  1. Either the card or the psu by your post.

    The 7950gt agp is a hard card to come by and expensive on eBay. I suggest that you try to see if you could test your card in another machine if not inspect and clean the card of any dust while looking for signs of failure or damage such as burn marks or missing parts on the pcb. Next what model is the psu in this machine and not just quote wattage of the unit.
  2. I still highly doubt the PSU is faulty, i think i bought it back in like beginning of 09, but i didnt use it until i got the 7950GT which was around the summer time in 09, but the PSU is an Ultra LSP 750 PRO. Its not hard to come by anymore(7950GT AGP), lol theres alot of them being sold on ebay from Axle3D(the one i have) and some other cheap company idk, its got a red board, brand new ones. OH! by the way i dont overclock this thing, the 7950GT, it is already bottlenecked by my processor(check out my system on more information link). I have no where i can think of to test this card freely. I have to wait next week(spring break now) until i can talk to my future computer networking teacher so he could probably test it.
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    Could be your PSU is faulty and gave your card too much current, or it could just be a faulty card. I'd contact Axle 3D and see if they can't replace it for you. If they say yes then great, but if not oh well. You could always go with a Radeon X1950 Pro AGP instead (saw some of those on there), but I have an X1950 GT and the drivers can be a pain let me tell you ^_^

    I looked up their card on ebay and sure enough there are a couple of new ones. Did Axle come accross a box of old 7950GTs or something? Anyway, doesn't look like the reference design I remember, but then the 7950GT AGP was kind of nonstandard as nVidia initially only allowed the PCI-E version and then let vendors go off on their own for the AGP versions.
  4. Yeah, only XFX was first to do it, then out of nowhere Axle3D does it and then that other cheap company does it now too. I should contact Axle3D eh? I could.. I dont like ATI very much =p hehe.. So what is it? You think my card just gave up the ghost and went corrupted?

    Should i do this? Buy a 7600GT/GS on ebay for like nearly 30 bucks and sell this whole system(click on more information>member config by my avatar place and stuff) for like 250 or 200 and build a new system? =D
  5. Anyone help? Almost done with this thread, thanks for the existing answers.
  6. Well give the card a try in a different system and report back. By the way this card doesn't use that much power. Less than 90w typically. I have personally owned the 7800gs, three 7900gs, and still own two 7900gtx duo (original quad sli) so I know this gen fairly well.
  7. I actually have a 7900 GS from BFG that still works. Should throw that up on e-bay for ya : )

    The card worked great for me when my 9800xt died. But to compliment the posts here, honestly it sounds like the card might have died, but to verify, try your 7950 in another system to see if it works. If not, then you know it's the card. If so, then it could be your PSU.
  8. Alrighty, thanks alot guys. By the way, GeForce 7 Series owners, how much are you willing to sell your card? I could be buying one tonight(like early morning) for around 30 bucks... AGP.
  9. EVGA 7800gs co Sold
    EVGA 7600gs modded bios sold
    EVGA 7600gs same as above Sold
    EVGA 7900gs KO Sold
    EVGA 7900gs KO Sold
    EVGA 7900gs KO Sold
    Alienware 7900gtx duo Bricked as in dead
    Alienware 7900gtx duo works but not in most boards except for those with Intel chipset.
  10. Aw ok, i dont apply to any =[ lol thanks though, SiS chipset here. Thanks though.
  11. OH I hate sis, that reminded me of all the bad times that I had with my socket a rig :cry:
    I still miss my 7800gs :(
  12. That stinks = cheap too.
  13. Well I got two system that are still running that are pushing a decade old with another from the mid to late 90s. I got two 3dfx rigs.
  14. Really!? i <3 3DFX i wish they were still existant. Glide ftw XD

    What Voodoo cards are they running?

    What are the system specs?
  15. Considering you have an old Pentium 4 (single core 3.0c I assume) a 7600GT card would probably be a good match for that system and you would generally see similar frame rates since the 7900 card was held back by your CPU.
  16. megamanx00 said:
    Considering you have an old Pentium 4 (single core 3.0c I assume) a 7600GT card would probably be a good match for that system and you would generally see similar frame rates since the 7900 card was held back by your CPU.

    Yeah! Honestly the processor did bottleneck the 7950GT. Check out my System specs in member configuration. Its a Northwood processor not Prescott though.
  17. hyrule571 said:
    Really!? i <3 3DFX i wish they were still existant. Glide ftw XD

    What Voodoo cards are they running?

    What are the system specs?

    Voodoo 3 2000, voodoo 3 3500tv, and voodoo 5 5500agp. Just got a free 9200se :lol:
  18. Hahaha awesome! 3DFX long lives =]
  19. Quote:
    Look for the 48xx Agp series cards from Amd

    The 48xx was never made for agp unlike the rare 3850 and 3870 that came in both versions. The highest of the 4k series that was produced for agp was the 4670.
  20. I bought a 3850, i bought a 4650. Both were poop. The first two and last(most likely) AMD/ATI cards ill own. =/
  21. Then go an purchase either a 7800gs or another 7950gt agp. They still have up to date and modern driver support like the ati cards but fewer bugs.
  22. im thinking either a 7800GS/GT 7950GT or 7600GS/GT 512MB... Thx guys alot!
  23. For the apg there is no 7800gt just the gs, go for the 7950gt agp if you can still find one. The 7800gs is slower but a rock solid card.
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