What will happen if i put a Palit GT430 in a low prfile PC

What will happen if i put a Palit GT430 in a low profile pc with 240watt PSU will it go BOOOOOOOOM!!! or could it actualy work?
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  1. it will be going in my small pc in my living room so me an the wife and kids can watch blu ray etc etc maybe a little world of warcraft and thats about it
  2. why would you consider buying a gt430? please tell me what made this thought come into your head? have you read a review of it? they are sloww and poor value for money. get an ati 5570 ddr5 low profile http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gt-430-gf108-fermi,2766-6.html. List the full specs of your pc so we can determine if your psu may blow up, including the PSU's 12v amp rating.
  3. amd x3 425 triple core processor
    4gig ddr3 ram
    1tb hard drive
    geforce 9200 onboard graphics
    windows 7 HP 64bit
    dvd r/w drive

    im kinda new to pc specs from what i can see on the side panel it says Rating - 220 - 240V could you guide me as to were i can find the ''the PSU's 12v amp rating''

    im buying this card mainly for media playback from what ive seen on youtube....it gives me the idea that this is the ideal card for my low profile pc
  4. could this be it -12v = 0.3a max - +12v = 14a max
  5. no, you dont want a 5450, you wont be playing games on that card, just watching a slide show.
    14a (max) on 12v rail = 168W max on the 12v.
    5570 total system under load 175w from the wall http://www.anandtech.com/show/2935/13
    so assuming your psu is in good condition and not faulty, you should be ok
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