Battlefield 3 : q8300 or athlon !! x4 645 ...who is better?

battlefield 3 : q8300 or athlon !! x4 645 ...who is better?

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  1. Benchmarks from CPU-World show these two to be pretty similar, are you going to overclock? Honestly a 2500k would be best with a beefy HD6850 or 560 ti graphics card.

    If you are going to be upgrading a motherboard for a new processor get yourself an inexpensive P67 motherboard and a 2500k (great for gaming) DDR3 is very cheap now if you don't have it and a strong graphics card is NECESSARY.

    Have a great day!!!
  2. The Q8300 and II X4 645 is pretty even in most benchmarks. But if you're going to get one and is on a budget and can't afford at least a Phenom II X4 955BE then get the X4 with an AM3 + motherboard so you can plug in a better performing Bulldozer processor later on.
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