First time system mid-range gaming build, advice plz? Thanks!!

Hi yall, I'm pretty new here and recently scrapped an overly expensive Cyberpower PC that I had customized and now have about $1200 to work with, though I'd like to stay in the $1000-$1150 range if possible. I intend to use this system for MMO gaming tailored more to games like EVE Online and the upcoming Old Republic as well as use it for 3D rendering in Maya and AutoCad. I don't need something that is going to burn my pubes off with speed, but I'd like a good system I can use for these applications for the next several years. I'm buying everything from Newegg because I've used them before and think they are very reliable and have great prices/rebates/offers. This is my first time building a PC and I feel like I've researched extensively on these components but I lack the expertise and general knowledge about computer building to know for sure how if everything fits together/compatible or if the PSU is enough wattage. Okay so here we go and thanks for commenting:) -NOTE: I listed the Newegg prices too, they're not part of the urls :P

MOBO: ASUS Sabertooth X58 LGA 1366 $200

CPU: I5-2500k $220

PSU:CORSAIR Enthusiast Series CMPSU-650TX 650W $85

GPU: HIS ICEq Radeon 6870$180

RAM:CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) $85

Fan: Thermaltake V1 $50

Case: CoolerMaster HAF 912 $60

SSD: Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2 64GB $120

HDD: Suggestions?

I think that's all I've got for now, thanks for your help!
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  1. Not bad, but your motherboard is LGA 1366 and your processor is LGA 1155. What you need to do is swap the mobo for a P67 or Z68 board. You always want that number to match, LGA --- with LGA ---.

    Nexct thing I see is your GPU needs an upgrade. Perhaps a $229 6950 or 560 Ti?
    Go 560 Ti if any of your programs are tailored for CUDA, which I think maya is. Don't quote me on that.

    You have a case as your fan. Lol.

    And the last thing is the SSD. The ole SSD. What you need to do is go for a OCZ Agility 3 60GB $135. It's much faster, only costs a little more.

    Next you should check out this PSU:

    A little less, fully crossfireX/SLI compatible.

    Hope it helps ;)
  2. An incompatibility you have is between the CPU and mobo. The CPU needs to be installed into a Socket LGA1155 motherboard, the one you have atm is X58. Presumably you will want to change the motherboard to something from 1155, probably P67 or Z68, unless maybe you want to install three graphics card (altho there might be some 1155 motherboards which are capable of that).
    P67 supports overclocking and multiple graphics cards, but lacks two extra features of Z68, one of which is SSD Caching (allowing a small SSD - less than ~120GB IIRC - to help speed up frequently used programs) and the other is Quick Sync, an encoding technology.
    P67s are likely to be a bit cheaper.
    A good Z68 for ~$200 is the Asrock Z68 Extreme4

    Definitely don't get the old Corsair 650TX, as there is a newer, better more efficient version for the same price:
    But it doesn't have enough PCIe connectors to support two 6870s in Crossfire.

    I would choose between these two:
    XFX 650W XXX Edition 80Plus Bronze Modular $89 ($20 rebate, $4 shipping)

    Lepa G700-MA 700W 80Plus Gold Modular $100 ($6 shipping)

    That Thermaltake cooler looks really weird to me, never heard of or seen that before so don't know if it's any good or not. According to the compatibility list on newegg it won't work with an 1155 motherboard (unless that board also has 775 mounting holes).
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