Do NVIDIA cards work OK with AMD [chipset] systems?

This question is a continuation of the chain of questions I would like to get answers to before I take the plunge - building 6 budget workstations.

The title to this question should be fairly self-explanatory.

I've heard some conflicting views as to whether or not NVIDIA cards work well with AMD chipsets, so I wanted to know if there could be any compatibility woes before I build.

Specifically, would an NVIDIA Quadro card (Quadro 600 / 2000) work fine with an AMD chipset such as the 760g or the 870? Or is it a recipe for disaster?

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  1. There should be no issues at all.
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    Yep, it is fine for relatively new cards on relatively new motherboards.. I've done both ways (ATI on NVidia and NVidia on AMD) for years with no issue.
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    it should work fine. With quadro like I explained you don't need to worry much about driver problems as the support and testing that was done with it was done over a lot of actual testing hours.
    Remember the quadro 2000 got almost double the performance of the 600.

    If I might ask why don't you go for a better cpu like the 950 then go for a cheaper consumer card. The driver support won't be there but a stronger cpu will be more of a advantage and benefit as the expensive gpu. Plus you'll have lots more bandwidth to play with

    The CPU will likely be an Athlon II X4 or an i3-2100. I'll try to squeeze in an i5-2500 (non-K), if the budget permits. Depending on when Bulldozer's released, it may or may not be a candidate.

    Rendering is not such a problem. The need for a smooth workflow is more pronounced. We'll probably implement bucket rendering or have a dedicated server for rendering production quality media. Might even lease server time. ;)

    Thank you for the feedback folks. I think I'll let this thread stay alive for just a wee bit longer in case someone comes up with some "NVIDIA-card-in-AMD-rig" horror stories. :lol:
  4. that is what I have in my rig below and it works absolutley fine with a 890gx mobo and a gtx 570
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