Best Full Tower Case for $150-$300 Budget?

Hi, Currently I am looking for best full tower cases for my built.

For Air Cooling yes, not liquid so I am looking for best air cooling.

Maximum budget are as title says $300.

CPU- i7 2600k
Cooler- Noctua NH-D14
M/B- Asus P8P67 Pro
Ram- Kingston Hyper X Genesis 4GBx2
Case- Obsidian 800D
PSU- Corsair AX 850W
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  1. HAF X all the way with that price range.
  2. If you have money to waste, go for the TJ07-BW. It's an extra 50 bucks, but the feature list is incredible. If you don't have money to waste, go for the HAF X
  3. HAF X is a very nice case, but kinda ugly. Have you looked at Xigmatek Elysium, very nice roomy case.
  4. Freezed, the Elysuim it a beauty, but i havent heard too much about Xigmatek, are they good quality?
  5. Thanks Silvune, ill check that review out when im not at work. Found someone who sells it in NZ as well. I much prefer it to the Haf X, looks more refined. Chances are ill be using it for my next build.
  6. Hi, yes the Elysium is built like a tank, i don't own one but i have seen it at a store, looks very nice and unique, not to mention the numerous cooling options.
  7. Forget HAF X, forget Elysium

    behold ... meet the best case for the price, awesome looks and cable management.
    it's Bitfenix Colossus
  8. Thanks guys for a lot of reply!

    Right now I am in consider with TJ07-BW... If I am willing to spend $50 more for it, also I am returning Corsair Obsidian 800D which was really disappoint for me... side panels was broken kind of.

    Sadly store I bought Obsidian doesn't have Elysium and TJ07....

    Since I never owned case from Silverstone and wondering how good quality of case are.
    What I consider most is just strong side panels and case, since Obsidian wasn't in my opinion so please don't argue with me about this.
  9. then just get INWIN Dragon Rider
    exceptional cooling
  10. I did consider about that, seems you can put so many 120mm fans on side panels (7 in total) ... which is awesome but how's quality of build?
    As I seen one in store its seems kinda weak..
    the only cons were that there is no air filters on either side, which u can purchase separately
  12. I see.. In-Win can be a good choice actually also HAF 932 Advanced since its half price of Obsidian!

    I was looking at Thermaltake Level 10 GT and wondering how good that case is.

    I'm not really interested on's reviews since 3/4 of them are like "broken 1 star".
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    One more vote for the Elysium.
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  15. Post pix? :D
  16. obsidian 800d anyone ??
  17. weak
  18. The Xigmatek Elysium is a giant case w/ many features just for water cooling. Custom PC October issue gives it an 85% overall. Since you are going w/ air cooling, could be that you are less interested in a water cooling centric case. Custom PC says in it's conclusion....

    "The lack of an external fan controller is a little disappointing, and there are cheaper, cooler options that also offer better features if you're not planning to use water cooling. Assuming that the Elysium's looks and size haven't put you off, however, it has everything you need to build a monster water-cooled PC."
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